The Green-Eyed Scot

1. Jealous Outburst

Scotland eagerly awaits England’s return home, excited to spend time with him. However, upon England’s arrival, Scotland is taken aback to see him covered in hickeys. In that moment, a surge of jealousy washes over Scotland. The sight of those marks on England’s skin ignites a pang of desire within Scotland – a desire to be England’s one and only significant other.

Scotland’s heart races as he struggles to contain his emotions. He knows he should not feel this way, but he can’t help the overwhelming feelings of possessiveness and longing that grip him. His jealousy threatens to consume him as he watches England, trying to pretend like everything is normal.

As Scotland battles with his inner turmoil, he realizes the depth of his feelings for England. He wants to be the one leaving those marks on England’s skin, to be the one England comes home to every night. The realization only intensifies his jealousy, driving him to confront England about the situation and finally express his true emotions.

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2. Confession of Feelings

After noticing the marks on England’s neck left by someone else, Scotland is filled with a mix of jealousy and longing. The realization of his true feelings hits him like a ton of bricks, and he knows he can no longer keep them bottled up inside. With a racing heart and sweaty palms, Scotland musters up the courage to lay his heart on the line.

He decides that it’s time to come clean and express his love and desire for a deeper connection with England. The thought of being vulnerable and putting his feelings out there is terrifying, but he knows that it’s the only way to truly be honest with himself and England.

As he approaches England, his voice shakes slightly as he begins to articulate the words he has rehearsed in his head a thousand times. His confession is met with a wide range of emotions from England, from surprise to curiosity to possibly even reciprocation.

Scotland bares his soul, showing England the depth of his emotions and the sincerity of his intentions. This moment of truth marks a turning point in their relationship, one that will either bring them closer together or drive them apart. But for Scotland, the weight lifted off his shoulders by finally confessing his feelings is a relief in itself, regardless of the outcome.

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3. England’s Reaction

Upon hearing Scotland’s confession, England is initially taken aback. The realization that he harbors similar feelings catches him off guard. After a moment of contemplation, England gathers the courage to express his own emotions, mirroring Scotland’s honesty. The air is thick with tension as they both come to terms with the new dynamic between them.

Despite the uncertainty of the situation, England and Scotland mutually agree to give their relationship a chance. There is a sense of apprehension mixed with anticipation as they embark on this uncharted territory. The weight of their unspoken feelings dissolves, leaving room for a newfound connection to blossom.

As they navigate this uncharted territory, England and Scotland realize that their bond goes deeper than they ever imagined. The vulnerability shared in their confessions strengthens their resolve to explore the possibilities of their relationship. Both countries are willing to take a leap of faith, uncertain of what the future holds but eager to discover it together.

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