The Graduation Diploma Destruction

1. The Request

A request is made by a group of 10 girls who ask to stand on Tolga’s diploma during a graduation photoshoot. The reason behind this unusual request is to protect their high heels from sinking into the grassy ground. This unexpected scenario catches Tolga off guard as he had never encountered such a request before. The girls explain that they are wearing designer high heels which they want to keep in pristine condition for the rest of the event. Tolga hesitates for a moment, but then decides to honor their request, realizing that the girls’ comfort and satisfaction are a top priority for him. He carefully places his diploma on the ground, making sure it is secure enough to support the weight of all the girls. The girls then take turns posing on the diploma while the rest of the group cheers them on and captures the moment on camera.

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2. Slow Destruction

As each girl strutted around in their high heels and wedges, the diploma laid helplessly on the ground, bearing the brunt of their destructive steps. With each movement, the delicate paper began to tear and crumple, slowly getting buried under the pressure of their feet.

The once pristine document, a symbol of hard-earned achievement and success, was now being ravaged by the very individuals it was meant to celebrate. The corners of the diploma curled up as the girls carelessly disregarded its value, focusing only on their own satisfaction.

Despite the gradual destruction taking place, the girls remained oblivious to the significance of their actions. To them, it was just another object underfoot, insignificant in the grand scheme of things. They continued to walk, dance, and twirl, unknowingly reducing the diploma to mere scraps of paper.

With each passing moment, the diploma faced a slow and painful demise, its once proud appearance now reduced to a mere memory. The irreversible damage caused by the girls’ heedless behavior served as a stark reminder of the consequences of neglect and indifference.

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3. Jumping on the Diploma

As the diploma lay on the ground, the girls couldn’t resist the temptation to jump on it. With each jump, the diploma crumpled further, creating a cacophony of laughter from the girls and dismay from Tolga. The once pristine diploma was now a crumpled mess, a symbol of Tolga’s humiliation.

Tolga could only watch in disbelief as the girls continued to jump on the diploma, oblivious to the damage they were causing. Each jump seemed to emphasize Tolga’s powerlessness in the situation, as he stood by helplessly, unable to stop the destruction of his hard-earned achievement.

With each subsequent jump, the diploma became more and more mangled, a sad sight to behold. Tolga could only hang his head in shame at the sight of his once proud symbol of success now reduced to a crumpled heap on the floor.

Despite Tolga’s protests, the girls seemed to find great joy in jumping on the diploma, each jump adding insult to injury. Tolga’s humiliation was complete as he watched his achievement being trampled under the feet of those who should have been celebrating with him.

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4. Online Humiliation

Following the completion of the photoshoot, the girls decide to take things a step further by posting pictures online. The images they share proudly display the diploma being destroyed, much to Tolga’s utter shock and dismay. The online humiliation is evident as the photos circulate among their peers and beyond. Tolga, who had put so much effort and dedication into achieving his diploma, is left feeling betrayed and deeply hurt by the actions of these girls.

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