The Golden Stick

1. The Argument

Four blonde, blue-eyed princesses argue in a circle after their mother’s death, each holding the golden stick of the queen.

The four blonde, blue-eyed princesses stood in a circle, their hearts heavy with grief over the recent passing of their beloved mother. Each princess held in her delicate hand the golden stick that once belonged to the queen, a symbol of their royal lineage and authority. As they gazed at each other, tension filled the air, and emotions ran high.

The eldest princess, with her regal bearing and piercing blue eyes, spoke first, her voice firm and commanding. She argued passionately for her right to inherit the throne, citing her experience and wisdom as qualities that would make her a strong and capable ruler.

The second princess, her blonde hair cascading in waves down her back, countered with her own claims to the queenship. She highlighted her compassion and empathy, qualities she believed were essential for a ruler to possess in order to rule with fairness and justice.

The third princess, her eyes brimming with tears, pleaded her case with a mixture of sorrow and determination. She spoke of her deep love for her people and her desire to honor her mother’s memory by continuing her legacy of compassion and generosity.

The youngest princess, with her innocence and purity shining through, listened intently to her sisters’ arguments before speaking her own. She spoke of unity and harmony, emphasizing the importance of working together as a family to overcome any challenges that may arise.

And so, the four princesses argued fervently in their circle, each holding onto the golden stick of the queen as they fought for the right to sit upon the throne and lead their kingdom into a new era.

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2. The Claim to the Throne

As the kingdom awaited the decision on who would ascend to the throne, tension heightened between the two princesses. Both Princess Amelia and Princess Isabella were determined to claim the title of queen, citing different reasons for their rightful place as ruler.

Princess Amelia argued that her blue eyes were a sign of her divine right to rule. According to ancient prophecies, the true heir to the throne would possess eyes as blue as the sky. With unwavering confidence, she declared that her striking eyes were undeniable proof of her rightful place as queen.

On the other hand, Princess Isabella staunchly maintained that her birth order should be the deciding factor in the succession. As the eldest daughter, she believed she had precedence over her younger sister. Drawing upon tradition and custom, she asserted that the firstborn should always inherit the throne.

Despite their sisterly bond, both princesses adamantly refused to consider sharing the throne. The kingdom watched with bated breath as the rivalry between the two siblings intensified, each vying for the crown with unwavering determination.

As tensions continued to rise, the question loomed large: who would ultimately claim the throne and rule the kingdom?

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3. The Mother’s Blessing

Desperate for power, the sisters turn to their mother for help. They kneel before her, their hands raised in supplication, begging for her blessing. The mother, moved by their plea, looks upon her daughters with love and compassion. She blesses them both equally, bestowing upon them the strength and wisdom they seek.

However, despite their mother’s generous blessing, the sisters’ hearts remain filled with greed and envy. They are unable to set aside their desire for power and continue to harbor resentment towards each other. Even in the face of their mother’s kindness, they are still unwilling to share and cooperate.

As the sisters leave their mother’s presence, the weight of her blessing hangs heavily upon them. They realize that true power comes not from selfish ambition, but from unity and cooperation. Will they be able to overcome their differences and learn to work together, or will their lust for power ultimately lead to their downfall?

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