The Goddess of Snakes

1. Argument in Kailash Parvat

In the sacred surroundings of Kailash Parvat, ten identical Mata Parvati’s dressed in white sarees engage in a spirited debate. Their discussion revolves around determining which woman among them will be chosen as the goddess of snakes. Each Mata Parvati passionately advocates for their respective candidate, citing various qualities and merits that make their chosen woman most suitable for the esteemed position.

The atmosphere is tense as the argument unfolds, with each Mata Parvati trying to outshine the others with their reasoning and arguments. Some highlight their candidate’s kindness and compassion, while others emphasize their intelligence and strength. The circular formation of the debate adds to the intensity of the discussion, as each Mata Parvati speaks directly to the others, challenging and defending their positions.

As the debate continues, emotions run high, and the air crackles with energy. The ten identical Mata Parvati’s are so engrossed in their argument that they fail to notice the subtle signs of their surroundings changing, indicating that a decision is about to be made. Eventually, after much deliberation and discussion, a consensus is reached, and the goddess of snakes is chosen, bringing an end to the heated argument in Kailash Parvat.

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2. The Chosen Women

Within the realm of the goddesses of snakes, each deity proclaims that her selected woman possesses a pair of enchanting brown eyes. This seemingly simple criterion is the sole requirement to ascend to the esteemed position of the goddess of serpents.

These chosen women are believed to embody the essence of their respective goddesses, channeling their power and influence in the mortal world. With their piercing brown eyes, they are said to hold the secrets of the serpent realm and wield great authority over all creatures slithering and crawling.

It is whispered that the chosen women undergo a mystical transformation upon being selected by the goddesses. Their once ordinary brown eyes become windows to otherworldly knowledge, reflecting the serpentine wisdom and mystique that define their divine counterparts.

Throughout history, the chosen women have played pivotal roles in shaping the course of events, both in the realms of gods and mortals. Their quiet strength and unwavering dedication to the goddesses of snakes have ensured the balance and harmony of the cosmos, safeguarding the intricate web of connections between the deities and their earthly devotees.

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