The Goddess of Snakes

1. Ten Mata Parvatis Arguing on Kailash Parvat

Ten Mata Parvatis, each holding a trident, stand in a circle on Kailash Parvat arguing over whose chosen woman will become the Goddess of Snakes.

In a scene reminiscent of ancient legends, the ten formidable Mata Parvatis, with their mighty tridents gleaming in the sunlight, find themselves embroiled in a heated debate. As they stand in a circle atop the sacred Kailash Parvat, their voices rise in passionate argument over the selection of a woman to be anointed as the revered Goddess of Snakes.

Each of the ten divine entities staunchly defends the virtues and qualities of their respective chosen candidate, determined to sway the opinion of their peers. The atmosphere crackles with tension as the goddesses present their cases with fervor and conviction, their eyes flashing with both competition and camaraderie.

Despite their supernatural powers and shared ancestry, the Mata Parvatis find themselves divided by their individual loyalties and preferences. The air resonates with the clash of opinions and the clash of tridents, as they endeavor to reach a consensus on this crucial matter.

As the debate rages on, the fate of the chosen woman hangs in the balance, destined to be determined by the outcome of this celestial dispute. Only time will tell which goddess will emerge victorious in this fierce contest of wills, as the echoes of their arguments reverberate across the majestic peaks of Kailash Parvat.

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2. Goddesses’ Debate

Each Goddess passionately argues that her chosen woman possesses the required brown eyes, which are essential to becoming the Goddess of Snakes. The debate intensifies as each Goddess presents compelling evidence to support her claim. The air is thick with tension as the Goddesses refuse to back down, firmly believing that their selected candidate is the rightful heir to the title.

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3. Elaboration

Following much discussion and debate among the deities, a consensus is finally reached by selecting one of the Mata Parvatis as the Goddess of Snakes. This decision brings an end to the heated argument that had been ongoing.

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