The Girl with the Borrowed Glasses

1. Nearsighted Discovery

Upon feeling the absence of her glasses, Soomin’s heart sank. She frantically searched her room, turning everything upside down in her pursuit. Finally, a glint of light caught her eye as she noticed Joobin wearing her spectacles with a nonchalant smirk on his face.

Shock and confusion mingled in Soomin’s mind as she tried to process the sight before her. Why would Joobin, of all people, be wearing her glasses? Did he not have his own pair? Questions danced in her head as she approached him, trying to maintain a sense of calm even though her insides felt like a boiling pot of emotions.

Joobin looked up from his book, unfazed by Soomin’s incredulous expression. “Oh, these? I found them on your desk earlier. Hope you don’t mind,” he said casually, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be caught red-handed using someone else’s personal belongings.

Despite Joobin’s calm demeanor, Soomin’s annoyance grew. How could he be so careless as to just take her glasses without asking? The nerve of him! She took a deep breath, trying to find her voice amidst the storm of emotions swirling within her.

“Joobin, those are MY glasses,” she finally managed to say, her tone a mix of disbelief and irritation.

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2. Pretending Perfect Vision

Joobin’s struggle with her deteriorating eyesight becomes a central theme in this section as she desperately tries to conceal the truth from those around her. Despite the obvious signs that her vision is getting worse, she stubbornly continues to cling to the belief that her glasses are merely a fashion accessory.

With each passing day, Joobin’s attempts to hide her vision impairment become more elaborate. She squints at menus, pretends to recognize people from a distance, and even fumbles with objects while trying to maintain the facade of perfect vision.

Her refusal to acknowledge the reality of her situation not only impacts her daily life but also strains her relationships with friends and family. They express concern over her behavior and urge her to visit an eye doctor, but Joobin remains adamant in her denial.

As the section unfolds, the tension between Joobin’s desire to hide her problem and the growing evidence of her worsening eyesight builds to a climax. It is only when she is forced to confront the truth head-on that she begins to realize the extent of her self-deception.

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3. The Eye Test

Joobin fails a vision test at school and is forced to admit her true prescription to her parents.

The Struggle Revealed

After pretending to have perfect vision for years, Joobin’s secret is uncovered when she fails a vision test at school. She can no longer hide the fact that she needs glasses to see clearly.

The Consequence

Joobin must finally come clean to her parents about her poor eyesight. She knows they will be disappointed in her for not being honest sooner, but she can’t hide the truth any longer.

A New Perspective

With her true prescription disclosed, Joobin must now embrace wearing glasses and facing the world with clear vision. It’s a lesson learned about the importance of honesty and self-acceptance.

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4. Accepting the Truth

After reluctantly making an appointment with an eye doctor, Joobin finds herself sitting in the waiting room, nervously fiddling with her phone. As she is called back to the examination room, she can feel her palms getting sweaty. The optometrist begins the exam, asking her to read the letters on the chart. Joobin squints and struggles to make out the smallest letters, realizing that her vision has indeed worsened since her last check-up.

The optometrist finishes the exam and gently breaks the news to Joobin that she will need a stronger prescription for her glasses. Joobin’s heart sinks as she comes to terms with the reality that her eyesight is not as sharp as it used to be. She feels a mix of emotions – frustration, sadness, and a tinge of fear of what this might mean for her daily life.

Leaving the office with a new pair of glasses in hand, Joobin walks out into the sunlight and puts them on for the first time. Initially, everything looks so crisp and clear, but the feeling of acceptance has not fully settled in yet. Joobin knows that she will eventually come to terms with her changing eyesight, but for now, she grapples with the truth of needing to rely on glasses more than ever before.

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5. Embracing the Glasses

After months of struggling with her deteriorating eyesight, Joobin finally accepted the reality that she needed to wear glasses all the time. At first, she was hesitant, feeling self-conscious about how she looked with them on. But as time passed, she realized that the glasses were not just a necessity but also a part of her identity now.

Embracing the glasses was a significant turning point for Joobin. It was a symbol of acceptance and a reminder of the importance of taking care of her vision. Instead of seeing them as a burden, she started to appreciate the clarity and sharpness they brought to her world.

Wearing glasses all the time became a new normal for Joobin. She picked stylish frames that suited her face and personality, turning them into a fashion statement rather than just a visual aid. She embraced the glasses as a part of who she was, rather than something to hide or be ashamed of.

With her glasses on, Joobin felt more confident and at ease. She no longer saw them as a weakness but as a strength, a reminder of her resilience and ability to adapt to changes. Embracing the glasses was not just about improving her vision but also about embracing herself fully, imperfections and all.

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