The Giant Rubber Guardian

1. Discovering the Bullying

As the male prisoner with the unique ability to transform his body into a 100-foot rubber dome, he often stood watch over the yard. On this particular day, his keen eyes spotted a newcomer being harassed by a group of stronger prisoners.

From his vantage point, he witnessed the bullying unfold before him. The hapless newbie was outnumbered and overpowered by the aggressors, who seemed to take pleasure in tormenting their victim.

Despite being confined within his rubber dome form, the prisoner felt a surge of empathy for the newcomer. He knew what it felt like to be at the mercy of others, to be subjected to cruelty and mistreatment in a place where survival of the fittest reigned supreme.

Unable to physically intervene due to his current state, the rubber dome prisoner made a mental note of the bullies’ faces and vowed to take action in his own way. He understood the importance of standing up to injustice, even in a harsh environment like the prison yard.

As the bullying incident came to an end, the prisoner began to plot his next move. He knew that he could use his unique abilities to protect the vulnerable and bring about a sense of justice within the confines of the prison walls.

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2. Intervening

The prisoner decides to take action to protect the newcomer. He transforms his rubber dome body into 100-foot long rubber arms and grabs the bullies with his gigantic rubber hands.

Feeling a surge of protective instinct towards the newcomer, the prisoner makes a bold move. With determination in his eyes, he focuses his energy and begins to manipulate the elasticity of his rubber dome body. In a matter of seconds, his once small and unassuming form expands into colossal proportions, extending into 100-foot long rubber arms that reach out towards the bullies.

As the bullies turn in shock to see the prisoner’s incredible display of power, they find themselves ensnared by the giant rubber hands that now hold them firmly in place. Unable to break free from the prisoner’s grasp, they struggle in vain against the immense strength of his rubber limbs.

The newcomer watches in awe as the prisoner’s intervention shields him from harm, giving him a chance to escape the bullies’ torment. Grateful for the prisoner’s act of courage and selflessness, he flees to safety while the prisoner continues to stand firm, his rubber arms serving as a shield of protection for those in need.

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3. Confrontation

As the bullies turned the corner, they were met with a scene that sent chills down their spines. The head of the prisoner was visibly merged with his arms, creating a horrifying sight. Shocked and taken aback, the bullies stood frozen in place.

The prisoner’s voice echoed eerily as he addressed the bullies. In a commanding tone, he demanded that they cease their torment and harassment. His words reverberated through the alley, each syllable laced with a quiet but potent menace.

With a swift movement, the prisoner advanced towards the bullies, his arms outstretched. As they tried to retreat, they found themselves ensnared in his rubber-like grip. Panic set in as they struggled against the surprisingly strong hold of the prisoner.

Realizing that their previous antics had led them to this dangerous confrontation, the bullies begged for mercy. The prisoner, unmoved by their pleas, regarded them with a steely gaze. Slowly, he released his grip, allowing them to stumble away in fear.

The confrontation had left a lasting impact on the bullies, a reminder of the consequences of their actions. As they made their hasty escape, they knew they would never forget the chilling encounter with the prisoner whose very form defied nature.

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