The Giant Rubber Arms

1. Introduction

In this story, we meet a male prisoner who possesses a unique ability – he is able to transform his arms into giant rubber arms. Despite being incarcerated, he is given the responsibility of watching over the yard. With his special power, he is able to keep a close eye on the other prisoners and maintain order within the facility.

As he patrols the yard with his rubber arms, he is able to quickly respond to any potential conflicts or disturbances that may arise. The other inmates are both intimidated and intrigued by his unusual ability, making him a respected figure among them.

Although he is a prisoner himself, his role as a guardian of the yard gives him a sense of purpose and pride. He takes his duties seriously and does his best to ensure the safety of his fellow inmates.

Throughout the story, we will see how this unique prisoner navigates the challenges of his environment, using his extraordinary power to protect those around him and perhaps even find redemption in the process.

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2. The Bullying Incident

One day, as the prisoner was quietly observing the dynamics within the prison yard, his attention was drawn to a group of inmates surrounding a new prisoner. The newbie looked terrified as the larger, more powerful inmates taunted and pushed him around. The prisoner’s heart went out to the young man, remembering his own struggles when he first entered the prison.

With a sense of determination, the prisoner approached the group, his unique power simmering just beneath the surface. As he stood tall in front of the bullies, a wave of energy emanated from him, causing a ripple of fear amongst the other inmates.

Using his presence and power, the prisoner demanded that the bullying stop immediately. The bullies, taken aback by his strength and authority, backed off and dispersed, leaving the newbie unharmed. The new prisoner looked up at the prisoner with gratitude and relief in his eyes.

The incident served as a turning point within the prison walls. The prisoner’s actions not only protected the newbie but also sent a clear message to the other inmates that bullying would not be tolerated. From that day on, the prisoner’s reputation grew, and he became known as a protector and guardian for those who could not defend themselves.

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3. Confronting the Bullies

As the tension in the schoolyard reached its peak, the prisoner’s transformation was swift and unexpected. His once rubbery arms now extended with a firm grip, reaching out towards the bullies who had been tormenting the other students. With a powerful pull, he revealed his true human form to them, his eyes filled with a mixture of anger and determination.

“Enough!” he exclaimed, his voice cutting through the noise of the chaos around them. “Your taunts and cruelty have gone on for too long. It ends now.”

The bullies, taken aback by the prisoner’s sudden intervention, stood frozen in disbelief. They had never expected such a bold move from someone they had deemed weak and defenseless.

But the prisoner stood his ground, his gaze unwavering as he confronted the bullies. He demanded that they stop their bullying behavior and showed them that he was not to be trifled with.

Slowly, the bullies began to lower their fists, their expressions changing from arrogance to uncertainty. They had met their match in the prisoner, who had proven that strength comes in many forms.

With a final warning, the prisoner released his grip on the bullies and turned to the rest of the students, a look of determination in his eyes. It was clear that he was not going to allow anyone to be treated unfairly on his watch.

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