The Giant Rubber Arms

1. Introduction

Within the confines of the prison walls, a unique male prisoner possesses an extraordinary ability – the power to stretch his arms into enormous rubber arms. This remarkable individual has been assigned the important duty of overseeing the activities in the prison yard. His elongated appendages give him a distinct advantage when it comes to monitoring the inmates and maintaining order within the facility.

As he stands watch over the yard, his rubber arms extend high above the heads of the prisoners, allowing him to keep a close eye on any suspicious activity. With his unmatched vantage point, he is able to quickly intervene in any conflicts or disturbances that may arise among the inmates, using his extraordinary abilities to maintain peace and order within the prison walls.

Despite his unusual power, this prisoner takes his role as guardian of the yard seriously. He understands the importance of his duty and the impact it has on the safety and well-being of those around him. Through his watchful gaze and flexible limbs, he remains vigilant and ready to protect and serve the community within the prison.

As the sun sets on another day within the prison walls, the prisoner with rubber arms stands tall, fulfilling his responsibility with dedication and unwavering commitment. His unique abilities make him a valuable asset in the maintenance of order and security within the facility, ensuring that all within its walls can rest a little easier knowing that he is watching over them.

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2. Bullying Incident

The prisoner noticed a new inmate being bullied by stronger prisoners in the yard. The bullies were pushing the newbie around and demanding money from him. The prisoner, who had experienced similar situations in the past, decided to intervene.

Approaching the group of bullies, the prisoner stood between them and the new inmate, facing them defiantly. He calmly but firmly told the bullies to back off and leave the newcomer alone. The bullies initially scoffed at him, but the prisoner’s steely gaze and unwavering stance made them think twice.

Seeing that the situation was escalating, the prisoner quickly assessed his surroundings and used his wits to defuse the tension. He managed to distract the bullies by engaging them in conversation while subtly signaling for the new inmate to move away to safety.

Eventually, the bullies grew bored and frustrated with the prisoner’s interference and decided to leave. The new inmate, grateful for the prisoner’s intervention, thanked him profusely. The prisoner shrugged it off, simply saying, “No one deserves to be treated like that.”

From that day on, the new inmate had a protector in the prison yard. The incident also earned the prisoner respect from his fellow inmates, who admired his courage and compassion in standing up against bullies.

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3. Giant Rubber Arms Action

The prisoner extends his rubber arms over 100 feet long, grabbing the bullies and holding them in his closed rubber hands.

As the tension rose in the room, the prisoner’s eyes glinted with determination. With a sudden burst of power, his rubber arms stretched out to an astonishing length of over 100 feet. The bullies stood frozen in disbelief as the rubber arms snaked towards them, like a giant octopus ready to strike.

Within moments, the bullies found themselves ensnared in the prisoner’s grasp. The rubber arms wrapped around them like coils, holding them securely in the prisoner’s closed rubber hands. The bullies struggled to break free, but the rubber arms were unyielding, their grip firm and unrelenting.

The prisoner’s face remained stoic, his eyes betraying a hint of satisfaction as he finally had the upper hand. The bullies, now at his mercy, could do nothing but watch helplessly as they were held captive by the giant rubber arms.

It was a moment of triumph for the prisoner, a display of strength and power that left the onlookers in awe. The giant rubber arms had proven to be a formidable weapon, capable of overpowering even the most imposing foes. And as the bullies realized their defeat, they knew they had underestimated the prisoner and his extraordinary abilities.

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4. Justice Served

As the tense situation unfolds, the prisoner suddenly raises his rubber hands, an unexpected move that catches everyone off guard. With a determined look on his face, he slowly peels off the rubber exterior, revealing his true human form hidden underneath. The bullies stop in their tracks, stunned by the unexpected revelation.

With newfound authority, the prisoner stands tall and commands the bullies to cease their cruel actions. His voice is firm and unwavering, filled with a sense of justice and righteousness. The bullies, taken aback by the sudden change in demeanor, realize the gravity of their actions and the consequences that await them.

Seeing the prisoner in his true form, the bullies’ bravado disappears, replaced by fear and regret. They hang their heads in shame, knowing that justice is finally catching up to them. The once oppressive atmosphere is now filled with a sense of relief and resolution as the prisoner’s actions bring an end to the reign of terror.

As the bullies are led away to face the consequences of their actions, the prisoner’s humanity shines through, a beacon of hope and justice in a world plagued by cruelty. The bystanders watch in awe as justice is served, knowing that the prisoner’s courageous act has restored peace and harmony to their community.

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