The Genesis Collection

1. The Mysterious File

Jack Maxwell stumbles upon a perplexing discovery while working on the SEGA project – a mysterious file. The file’s unexpected appearance leaves him utterly baffled, raising countless questions in his mind.

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2. Anomalies in the Game

Jack notices peculiar happenings within the Sonic games, specifically revolving around the character Tails. These anomalies consist of unusual behaviors exhibited by Tails, such as appearing in locations where he shouldn’t be or displaying actions that defy the normal gameplay mechanics. As Jack delves further into the game, these anomalies become more frequent, creating a sense of unease and suspicion in his mind.

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3. Into the Game

During the process of testing the game, Jack suddenly finds himself completely immersed in the virtual world, taking on the role of the iconic character Sonic. As he navigates through the vibrant and fast-paced environment, he is confronted by a twisted and horrifying version of his dear friend Tails.

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4. Tails’ True Intentions

When Tails finally confides in Jack, her true intentions come to light. She cleverly manipulates Jack, drawing him further into her mysterious world until he is ensnared by her charm and duplicity. Tails reveals her plans to claim Jack as her own, trapping him in a web of deceit and desire.

As Jack struggles to understand Tails’ motives, he realizes too late that he has underestimated her power and cunning. She holds him captive in her world, a prisoner of his own curiosity and longing. Tails’ true intentions are far darker than Jack could have ever imagined, and he must now face the consequences of his naivety.

Caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Jack discovers that Tails is not who she appears to be. Her true nature emerges, revealing a side of her that he never could have anticipated. As Tails tightens her grip on Jack, he must find a way to escape her clutches before it’s too late.

In a final showdown of wills and wits, Jack must confront Tails and uncover the truth behind her twisted intentions. Only then can he hope to break free from her hold and reclaim his destiny.

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