The Firelights

1. Helping Ekko

Powder steps in to offer her assistance to Ekko, using her advanced circuit skills to help him fix his hoverboard. As Ekko struggles with the repairs, Powder’s expertise proves invaluable in identifying and resolving the technical issues plaguing the hoverboard.

Through her patient guidance and meticulous attention to detail, Powder demonstrates her profound understanding of circuits and technology. With her help, Ekko gains new insights into the workings of his hoverboard, enhancing his own knowledge and skills along the way.

As the duo works together to tackle the problem, a strong sense of camaraderie develops between them. Ekko is grateful for Powder’s support, and her willingness to lend a hand in his time of need strengthens their bond of friendship.

In the end, thanks to Powder’s invaluable assistance, Ekko’s hoverboard is successfully repaired and ready to take to the skies once again. The experience serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need.

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2. Joining the Firelights

After their chance encounter in the back alleys of Zaun, Ekko extends an invitation to Powder to join the Firelights, a group of rebels fighting against the oppressive forces within the city. Seeing the potential in Powder’s determination and skills, Ekko believes she could be a valuable asset to their cause.

To symbolize her acceptance into their ranks, Ekko presents Powder with an orange scarf, the signature accessory of the Firelights. The color orange represents courage, passion, and a fighting spirit – qualities that Ekko sees in Powder and hopes she will embody as a member of their resistance group.

Powder is both surprised and honored by the offer, feeling a sense of belonging and purpose for the first time in a long while. Despite her initial reservations and doubts, she decides to take a leap of faith and join the Firelights, eager to make a difference and stand up against injustice in Zaun.

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