The Final Confession

1. Arrest and Interrogation

Ria, a college girl, finds herself in a terrifying situation as she is arrested by her own sister, police officer Alia. The charges against Ria are completely false, but that doesn’t stop Alia from bringing her to the police station. Once they arrive, Alia wastes no time and locks Ria in a punishment room, preparing for an intense interrogation.

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2. Brutal Interrogation

Alia forces Ria to confess by beating her soft soles with a bamboo stick. Despite the sweat making it difficult, Alia persists in her torture until Ria finally confesses to the crime.

As the interrogation began, Alia wasted no time in resorting to brutal methods to extract a confession from Ria. With a bamboo stick in hand, she mercilessly struck Ria’s soft soles, causing intense pain and discomfort. Ria’s pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears as Alia was determined to make her confess.

The intense pressure and physical agony caused by the beating made it hard for Ria to maintain her composure. Despite the sweat dripping down her face, she refused to give in initially. However, Alia’s persistence in the torture eventually wore Ria down.

After what seemed like an eternity of agony, Ria finally broke and confessed to the crime. The relief of the confession was overshadowed by the physical and emotional trauma she had endured during the brutal interrogation. Alia’s ruthless methods had achieved their desired outcome, but at a great cost to Ria’s well-being.

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3. Death Penalty

Ria is sentenced to death, with Alia assigned to carry out the execution. On the day of the execution, Alia ensures that her sister experiences the most pain possible before ultimately hanging her till death.

Upon receiving the death sentence, Ria’s fate was sealed. Alia, her own sister, was designated to be the one to carry out the execution. As the appointed day arrived, Alia made sure that Ria would suffer immensely before meeting her end. With a heavy heart, Alia proceeded with the task at hand.

Alia’s actions were cold and calculated. She wanted Ria to feel every moment of her impending death. She wanted her sister to understand the gravity of her actions and the consequences she now faced. Alia took no pleasure in this role but felt it necessary for justice to be served.

As Ria stood on the gallows, Alia carried out the execution with a heavy heart. She ensured that Ria endured the maximum amount of pain possible before the final moment came. And as the crowd watched in silence, Ria took her last breath, ending her life at the hands of her own flesh and blood, Alia.

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