The Fearful Meeting

1. Introduction

Min Yoongi, a member of BTS, was recently introduced to his new service dog, Lyra. This introduction was made in an effort to assist with Yoongi’s ongoing shoulder issues. As a member of BTS, one of the world’s most popular K-pop groups, Yoongi is constantly under pressure to perform at a high level both on stage and in the studio. This demanding schedule has taken a toll on his physical health, particularly his shoulders.

Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue, BTS’s management team decided to provide Yoongi with a service dog. Named Lyra, this specially trained canine companion is equipped to help Yoongi with various tasks related to his shoulder problems. From providing emotional support to physical assistance, Lyra is an invaluable addition to Yoongi’s life.

Upon meeting Lyra for the first time, Yoongi was immediately struck by the bond they shared. The presence of the service dog brought a sense of comfort and relief to Yoongi, knowing that he now had a dedicated companion to assist him in his daily life. With Lyra by his side, Yoongi can now focus on his recovery and well-being without feeling overwhelmed by his physical limitations.

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2. The Encounter

As Min Yoongi approached her, Lyra’s heart started racing with fear. She could sense the intensity of his gaze, causing her to shiver involuntarily. Unable to contain her fear, she quickly retreated to the safety of her carrier, seeking refuge from the overwhelming presence of Min Yoongi.

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