The Farewell of Lyla: A Hogwarts Tale

1. Saying Goodbye to Lyla

On Draco Malfoy’s final day at Hogwarts, the beloved golden retriever Lyla was also at the end of her journey. Students, teachers, and staff gathered around her as she lay peacefully in the courtyard, the warm sun casting a gentle glow around her. Lyla wagged her tail weakly, her eyes filled with love and gratitude for the companionship she had shared with everyone.

Draco knelt beside her, tears glistening in his eyes as he whispered his final goodbyes to his loyal friend. He stroked her soft fur, recalling all the adventures they had been on together. Lyla nuzzled into his hand, as if trying to comfort him in return.

The other students took turns approaching Lyla, each sharing their favorite memories of her. Neville Longbottom remembered how she had once helped him find his lost toad, Trevor, while Luna Lovegood reminisced about the time Lyla had chased away a boggart that had plagued the Ravenclaw common room.

As the day went on, more and more people came to pay their respects to Lyla. Hagrid brought her a bouquet of wildflowers, Professor McGonagall cast a spell to create a beautiful wreath of forget-me-nots, and even Peeves the Poltergeist hovered nearby, silently paying his respects in his own mischievous way.

By the time the sun began to set, Lyla’s breathing had grown shallow and slow. Draco held her in his arms as she took her last peaceful breath, surrounded by those who loved her. And as the stars twinkled in the darkening sky, Hogwarts said a final goodbye to a faithful companion.

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2. Harry Potter’s Comfort

After Draco’s devastating loss of Lyla, Harry Potter steps in to offer him the support he needs during this difficult time. Harry extends a comforting hand and a listening ear, understanding the depth of Draco’s grief and pain. He assures Draco that it’s okay to feel the way he is feeling and that he is not alone in his suffering.

Harry shares his own experiences of loss and grief, showing Draco that he, too, has gone through similar emotions. He emphasizes the importance of allowing oneself to grieve and process the loss in their own way and time. Harry’s words provide Draco with a sense of solace and validation, helping him navigate through the sea of emotions that come with such a profound loss.

Through their conversations, Harry also reminds Draco of the happy memories he shared with Lyla, encouraging him to hold onto those moments as a source of comfort and healing. He offers Draco a shoulder to lean on and a friend to confide in, showing unwavering support and care during this challenging period.

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3. Professor Snape’s Act of Kindness

Professor Snape comes across the newest and smallest girl in Hogwarts, who seems to be visibly scared. Despite his usually stern demeanor, he approaches her with gentle reassurance. He notices the fear in her eyes and offers her comfort by rubbing her arm in a soothing manner.

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