The Fairy of Cambridge

1. The Awakening

As the sun rose over the ruins of Merrius Keep, a young Gossymir Fairy named Libidia stirred from her slumber. At three years old, she was just beginning to explore the world around her. The ancient stones of the keep loomed around her, whispering of a time long past.

Curious and full of energy, Libidia flew out of her makeshift bed of leaves and twigs to begin her day. It was then that she noticed a stray dog wandering nearby, its fur matted and eyes tired. Libidia felt a pang of sympathy for the animal and approached cautiously.

With a gentle touch, she reached out to the dog, who flinched at first but then nuzzled her hand in return. Libidia smiled, feeling a connection with this creature who, like her, seemed to be alone in the world. She named the dog Violet, after the flowers that bloomed in the cracks of the old stone walls.

Together, Libidia and Violet explored the ruins of Merrius Keep, finding hidden corners and forgotten treasures. As they wandered, a sense of belonging grew between them, a bond that would shape their adventures to come.

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2. A New Home

After arriving in Cambridge, Libidia, now known as Libby, found herself lost and alone on the streets. As she wandered through the unfamiliar town, feeling scared and unsure of what to do next, a kind girl named Becky took notice of her.

Becky approached Libby with a warm smile and asked her if she needed help. Libby, grateful for the unexpected kindness, quickly opened up to Becky about her situation. Becky, understanding the hardships that Libby must have faced, offered to take her in and introduce her to the other orphaned children of Cambridge.

With Becky’s guidance, Libby slowly began to find her place among the group of children. They welcomed her with open arms, sharing stories, laughter, and dreams of brighter days ahead. Though she missed her home in Libidia, Libby was touched by the sense of belonging she found among her new friends.

As days turned into weeks, Libby’s friendship with Becky deepened, and she felt a sense of kinship with the other children. With their support, she started to rebuild her life in Cambridge, finding comfort and love in this unexpected new home.

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3. Captured

Libby, Becky, and Violet find themselves, against their will, in the clutches of orphan-catchers who forcefully bring them to a dismal workhouse. The three young girls are bewildered and scared as they realize they have been captured and taken away from everything they have known.

As they are escorted to the workhouse, the girls exchange anxious glances, their hearts heavy with fear of the unknown fate that awaits them. Libby, Becky, and Violet cling to each other for comfort, the only solace in their dire situation.

Upon arriving at the workhouse, the girls are separated and ushered into a bleak and overcrowded room. The harsh reality of their situation sinks in as they are handed rough, scratchy uniforms and put to work without any explanation or mercy from their captors.

Libby, Becky, and Violet struggle to comprehend how their lives have taken such a drastic turn, as they endure the grueling work and harsh conditions of the workhouse. The once carefree girls are now prisoners in a place where their every move is controlled, their spirits dampened by the relentless oppression.

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