The Extra Credit Penalty


A male college student finds himself facing the looming threat of failing a particular class. As the semester draws to a close, he realizes that his grades are not where they need to be in order to pass the course. Filled with anxiety and desperation, he decides to take matters into his own hands and seek help from his professor.

Approaching his professor with a heavy heart, the student pleads for a passing grade. He explains his situation honestly, expressing the hard work he has put into the class and the personal struggles he has faced throughout the semester. He humbly acknowledges any mistakes he may have made and highlights his dedication to improving his academic performance.

The professor listens attentively to the student’s plea, weighing the situation carefully. Understanding the student’s sincerity and determination, the professor contemplates the best course of action. Knowing the importance of academic integrity, the professor considers the student’s plea with fairness and compassion.

As the student awaits the professor’s decision, he reflects on the lessons he has learned from this experience. He realizes that sometimes, the most difficult challenges can lead to the greatest personal growth. Regardless of the outcome, he is grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow from this difficult situation.

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The student’s offer to be a footstool for the professor’s feet in exchange for extra credit was met with surprise and amusement. The professor, taken aback by the unusual proposal, chuckled softly before declining the offer with a shake of the head. However, the student persisted, suggesting the involvement of other attractive professors to make the offer more appealing.

As the student continued to plead their case, the professor couldn’t help but be intrigued by the student’s determination and unique way of thinking. The idea of using attractive professors as part of the bargain piqued the professor’s interest, leading to a brief moment of contemplation.

In the end, the professor declined once again, citing ethical concerns and the need to maintain a professional environment in the classroom. However, the student’s boldness and creativity did not go unnoticed, earning them a small amount of extra credit for their initiative and outside-the-box thinking.

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The professors prepare their feet in various ways for the penalty.

Preparation Methods

In order to endure the penalty, the professors have developed different techniques to prepare their feet. Some choose to soak their feet in warm water infused with essential oils to soften the skin and reduce discomfort during the penalty. Others opt for a rigorous exfoliation process to remove dead skin cells and calluses, ensuring a smoother surface for the penalty. Additionally, some professors swear by applying special moisturizers or foot masks to keep their skin hydrated and healthy.

Mental Preparation

Aside from physical preparation, the professors also focus on mental readiness for the penalty. They engage in relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises or visualization to calm their nerves and stay focused during the process. Some even recite affirmations or mantras to strengthen their resolve and build mental resilience against the pain.

Consulting Experts

Furthermore, many professors seek advice from podiatrists or foot specialists to ensure they are taking the best care of their feet before the penalty. These experts may recommend specific exercises, stretches, or footwear that can aid in foot preparation and prevent injuries. By consulting professionals, the professors can receive personalized guidance tailored to their individual needs.

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As the student gazes upon the professors’ feet, he is struck by the elegance and stature they possess. Each professor’s feet are unique in their own way, from the varying sizes to the different shapes. One professor has feet that are long and slender, while another has feet that are broad and sturdy. Despite the differences, all the professors’ feet exude a sense of power and authority.

The student is overwhelmed by a deep reverence for the professors and their feet. He watches in awe as they use his face as a footstool, a physical representation of their dominance and superiority. The weight of their feet pressing down on his face serves as a reminder of their control over him. And yet, the student feels a sense of contentment and fulfillment in this act of worship.

With each moment that passes, the student is consumed by a sense of humility and adoration for the professors’ feet. He is grateful for the opportunity to be so close to them, to feel the warmth and power emanating from their feet. In this intimate moment of devotion, the student finds a sense of purpose and belonging in serving the professors and their feet.

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The student perseveres through the hour of humiliation, pushing themselves to answer every question to the best of their ability. Despite feeling completely defeated at times, they manage to keep going, unwilling to give up. As the timer ticks down, they finally reach the end of the test, feeling a mix of relief and dread. Walking out of the exam hall, they can’t help but replay the questions over and over in their mind, wondering if they had done enough to earn a passing grade.

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