The Exorcist Experience

1. Classroom Screening

During the classroom screening of The Exorcist, the reactions among the students were varied and intense. Mrs. Corinna’s decision to show the controversial film sparked a range of emotions and opinions from the group. Some students were intrigued by the film’s horror elements, while others found it disturbing and unsettling.

As the movie played, tension filled the room as the students reacted to the terrifying scenes and eerie soundtrack. Some gasped in fear, while others nervously laughed to mask their discomfort. A few students even covered their eyes or looked away from the screen, unable to handle the intensity of the film.

Throughout the screening, Mrs. Corinna observed the different responses from her students. She noted how some were deeply engaged in the story, while others seemed truly frightened. As the movie came to an end, discussions among the class were passionate and animated, with each student sharing their thoughts and feelings about the film.

Overall, the classroom screening of The Exorcist served as a catalyst for lively debate and reflection among the students. It was a memorable experience that exposed the group to different perspectives and reactions, ultimately enriching their understanding of the film and its impact.

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2. The Bathroom Incident

As the credits rolled on the horror movie, a wave of nausea swept over the group. Everyone except Younes sprinted to the nearest bathroom, desperate to escape the disturbing images that had just played out on the screen. The sound of retching and gagging filled the small room, creating a symphony of disgust.

The atmosphere quickly turned chaotic as faces turned pale and bodies shivered with revulsion. The once jovial group was now reduced to a mess of trembling limbs and queasy stomachs. The air was heavy with the sour stench of vomit, causing some to gag even more violently.

Despite the chaos, there was a strange sense of camaraderie among the group. In their shared misery, they found solace in each other’s suffering. Words of encouragement mingled with the sounds of sickness, creating a bizarre chorus of support and distress.

After what felt like an eternity, the last of the retching subsided. Weak and shaky, the group slowly emerged from the bathroom, each wearing a haunted expression. It was a night they would never forget, a night that would forever be known as the infamous Bathroom Incident.

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3. Students Sent Home

Following the extreme reactions observed in some students, the school administration has no choice but to send those affected home, ensuring their well-being and preventing any further disruption to the school day.

These students, overwhelmed by the circumstances, are unable to continue with their classes and require immediate attention. The safety and mental health of the students are the top priorities in such situations.

Once sent home, the students will be monitored closely to ensure that they receive the support they need to recover from the distressing incident. The school will work in conjunction with parents and guardians to provide the necessary care and assistance during this challenging time.

It is crucial for the well-being of the entire school community that students experiencing severe reactions are promptly attended to and given the opportunity to rest and recuperate in a safe environment. By sending them home, the school aims to prevent any escalation of the situation and help the students return to a state of emotional stability.

While it is unfortunate that these students are unable to complete the school day as planned, their health and safety remain paramount. The school’s decision to send them home is made with their best interests in mind, ensuring that they receive the care and support needed to overcome the difficulties they are facing.

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4. Making a YouTube Video

After the horror movie screening, Younes and Mrs. Corinna decided to document the aftermath by creating a YouTube video. They wanted to capture the reactions of the audience, the spooky atmosphere of the theater, and their own thoughts on the film.

Younes set up the camera while Mrs. Corinna prepared to interview some of the viewers as they exited the theater. They wanted to get genuine feedback and see how people were affected by the scary movie they had just watched.

As they filmed, they discussed their own opinions on the movie, sharing their favorite scenes and the parts that had made them jump. They also talked about the overall experience of watching a horror film in a theater, compared to at home.

They made sure to edit the video carefully, adding in clips from the movie trailer and snippets of the audience’s reactions. They wanted the video to be engaging and entertaining for their viewers, while also giving an honest review of the film.

Once the video was finished, they uploaded it to their YouTube channel and eagerly awaited the feedback from their subscribers. They were excited to share their experience with others and hoped that their video would resonate with horror movie fans everywhere.

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