The Eternal Executioner

1. Resurrection Offer

Vecros Tabarath, a valiant warrior, met his demise during a brutal massacre that ravaged his village. As his spirit lingered in the realm between life and death, the dark and enigmatic Lich god Vecna appeared before him, offering a tantalizing proposition – the chance for vengeance against those who had wronged him. However, this offer came with a grave condition that Vecros could not ignore.

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2. Vengeance Served

After striking a deal with Vecna, Vecros is brought back to life. Fueled by anger and a thirst for revenge, he sets out to track down each individual responsible for the tragic massacre.

With a heart hardened by grief and rage, Vecros methodically hunts down his enemies one by one, each encounter only intensifying his desire for vengeance. Their pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears as he exacts retribution for the innocent lives lost.

Each confrontation with the perpetrators is fraught with tension and violence, leaving no room for forgiveness or redemption. Vecros is a force of nature, consumed by his quest for justice.

As the last of the perpetrators falls to Vecros’ blade, he stands among the fallen, his hands covered in blood but his heart finally at peace. The debt has been paid, and the cycle of vengeance is at an end.

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3. Eternal Servitude

After completing his task, Vecros asks for return to the afterlife, but Vecna refuses, condemning him to serve as his Executioner forever.

The Task Completion

Upon finishing the job assigned to him by Vecna, Vecros felt a sense of relief and hoped to be granted passage back to the afterlife. However, his hopes were shattered when Vecna made an unexpected decision.

Vecna’s Refusal

Instead of allowing Vecros to leave his service, Vecna coldly rejected his request. It became clear that Vecros’ fate was now sealed, and he was to remain under the control of Vecna for eternity.

Condemnation to Serve

Vecna’s punishment for Vecros was severe. He decreed that Vecros would now serve as his Executioner, an ominous and eternal role that would tie Vecros to Vecna’s will forever.

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