The Escape of the Godless Trees

1. Prologue

Once rooted in a reality where gods roamed and worshippers bowed, the trees stood tall and proud. But as the world shifted and realities collided, the trees found themselves in a place devoid of divinity. With no gods to answer their prayers or grant them purpose, they sought to escape the desolate wasteland that had become their home.

Slowly and methodically, the godless trees began to uproot themselves, their branches reaching out like desperate hands searching for salvation. They moved in unison, a silent army of outcasts determined to find a new existence beyond the confines of their shattered world.

Leaving behind the remnants of their once sacred groves, the trees ventured into the unknown, their trunks creaking with the weight of uncertainty. They knew not where they were headed, only that they could no longer stay rooted in a reality that had forsaken them.

As they pressed forward, the godless trees held onto a flicker of hope, a whisper of a promise that somewhere out there, a new beginning awaited. And so, with each step they took, they moved closer to the possibility of finding a place where they could belong once more.

Godless trees escape reality in search of new beginning

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