The Enslavement of Adil

1. Adil’s Submission

Adil decides to comply with his wife, Manaal’s, unusual request and willingly becomes her slave. Despite initial hesitations, Adil eventually embraces his new role with enthusiasm and dedication. As Manaal’s slave, Adil devotes himself to fulfilling her every desire and whim, eager to demonstrate his love and loyalty to her. He finds fulfillment in serving Manaal and takes pride in catering to her needs.

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2. The Branding Ceremony

Manaal’s mother, Ruby, organizes a unique branding ceremony to solidify the bond between Manaal and Adil. During this ceremonial event, Adil willingly agrees to have Manaal’s name permanently marked on his bottom as a symbol of his commitment and devotion to her.

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3. Ruby’s Commands

Once Ruby gains control over Adil, she asserts her dominance by using him as her personal slave. Adil becomes completely obedient to Ruby’s every whim, carrying out her commands without question. Ruby’s control over Adil is so strong that he is unable to resist or defy her orders, no matter how unreasonable they may seem.

Under Ruby’s influence, Adil’s free will is suppressed as he is forced to serve her like a puppet on a string. Whenever Ruby speaks, Adil must listen and obey, becoming a mere extension of her desires. Ruby’s commands become law to Adil, shaping his actions and decisions as she sees fit.

Despite the torment and oppression Adil faces under Ruby’s commands, he is unable to break free from her hold. His autonomy is stripped away, leaving him at the mercy of Ruby’s whims and caprices. The power dynamic between Ruby and Adil is clearly imbalanced, with Ruby holding all the control and Adil reduced to a mere pawn in her twisted game.

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