The Enigmatic Entity: SCP 2380

1. Introduction

A concise overview of SCP 2380, a peculiar entity that bears a resemblance to an infant with anomalous abilities.

SCP 2380 is a unique anomaly within the Foundation’s containment archives. This entity presents itself in the form of a baby, but its abilities and characteristics stray far from the ordinary. Researchers have observed that SCP 2380 has the capability to telekinetically manipulate objects within its vicinity. This includes moving objects of various sizes and weights with ease, defying the laws of physics as we know them.

Furthermore, SCP 2380 exhibits a keen understanding of human speech and communication, despite its apparent lack of verbal abilities. Through unknown means, the entity is able to comprehend complex commands and requests, leading to speculation about its level of intelligence and cognitive capacities.

The containment procedures for SCP 2380 are stringent, due to its unpredictable nature and potential for causing harm if left unchecked. Research into the origins and true nature of this anomaly is ongoing, as the Foundation seeks to uncover the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic entity. Despite its seemingly harmless appearance, SCP 2380 remains a subject of great interest and concern within the scientific community.

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2. Discovery

When SCP Foundation first encountered SCP 2380, it was through reports of anomalous activity in a local village. Witnesses reported strange occurrences and unexplainable phenomena associated with a particular location.

Agents were dispatched to investigate, and upon arrival, they discovered SCP 2380 in its dormant state. Despite its seemingly innocuous appearance, further testing revealed its anomalous properties.

With meticulous planning and coordination, the SCP Foundation successfully contained SCP 2380 and transported it to a secure facility for study. Special containment procedures were implemented to ensure the safety of personnel and the surrounding environment.

Through extensive research and experimentation, researchers were able to document SCP 2380’s abilities and understand its behavior patterns. The discovery of SCP 2380 marked a significant milestone in the Foundation’s ongoing mission to secure, contain, and protect anomalous objects and entities.

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3. Anomalous Behavior

SCP 2380 possesses a range of anomalous abilities that make it a highly unpredictable entity. One of its most notable capabilities is its power to manipulate reality itself. This ability allows SCP 2380 to alter the fabric of space and time, causing sudden and unexpected changes in its surroundings. These alterations can range from minor distortions to major disruptions, making it difficult to predict the extent of its effects.

Furthermore, SCP 2380 also has the uncanny ability to control the weather. It can summon storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other meteorological events at will. This power enables SCP 2380 to create hazardous conditions for its surroundings, posing a significant threat to any individuals or structures nearby.

The combination of reality manipulation and weather control makes SCP 2380 a truly formidable entity. Its abilities can result in chaos and devastation if left unchecked, making containment and monitoring essential for the safety of all involved. The Foundation must remain vigilant in studying and understanding SCP 2380’s anomalous behavior to prevent potential disasters and ensure the protection of mankind.

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4. Containment Procedures

Methods utilized by the SCP Foundation for the containment and study of SCP 2380 are crucial in preventing any potential harm from occurring.

SCP 2380 is contained in a specialized containment chamber equipped with soundproofing and reinforced steel walls to prevent unauthorized access. The chamber is monitored 24/7 by security personnel to ensure the safety of both SCP 2380 and Foundation staff. Access to SCP 2380 is restricted to Level 3 personnel and above, with all interactions with SCP 2380 requiring prior approval.

Research and experimentation involving SCP 2380 are conducted under controlled conditions within the containment chamber. Any testing that may pose a risk to SCP 2380 or personnel must first be approved by the Site Director. Specialized equipment and protocols are in place to study SCP 2380’s anomalous properties while minimizing potential dangers.

Regular maintenance and monitoring of SCP 2380’s containment chamber are essential to ensure the continued safety and security of the anomaly. Any deviations from standard containment procedures are to be reported immediately to the Site Director for further evaluation and action.

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5. Research Findings

Researchers studying SCP 2380 have made significant discoveries that could have far-reaching implications. The findings shed light on the behaviors and characteristics of SCP 2380, providing valuable insights into its nature and potential effects.

Key Discoveries

The research findings reveal several key discoveries about SCP 2380. These include its unusual properties, behaviors, and interactions with its environment. Researchers have also uncovered possible connections between SCP 2380 and other anomalies, suggesting a complex and intricate web of relationships within the SCP universe.


The implications of the research findings are profound. They raise important questions about the origins and purpose of SCP 2380, as well as its potential impact on the world at large. Understanding these implications is crucial for containing and managing SCP 2380 effectively.

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6. Incident Logs

Incident Logs for SCP 2380 document all recorded occurrences involving the entity, including its interactions with personnel and the surrounding environment. These logs serve as a vital record of events that have taken place, providing insight into any anomalies or unusual behavior exhibited by SCP 2380. By documenting these incidents, personnel can track patterns or changes in behavior over time, which may aid in better understanding and containment of SCP 2380.

Each entry in the Incident Logs should include detailed information regarding the nature of the incident, individuals involved, location, date and time, as well as any resulting effects or aftermath. Whether it involves a breach of containment, a containment breach, or an unexpected reaction from SCP 2380, all incidents must be accurately recorded for analysis and review.

Regularly updating and maintaining the Incident Logs is crucial to ensure that a comprehensive record is kept of all interactions with SCP 2380. This information can also be used to identify potential risks or issues that may arise, allowing for proactive measures to be taken to mitigate any negative consequences. By adhering to the established guidelines for recording incidents, personnel can contribute to the ongoing containment and research efforts related to SCP 2380.

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7. Conclusion

Final thoughts on SCP 2380 and its role within the SCP Foundation’s containment protocols

In conclusion, SCP 2380 holds a crucial role within the SCP Foundation’s containment protocols. Through our analysis and research, we have uncovered the profound significance of this anomaly in ensuring the security and stability of our operations. The containment and monitoring of SCP 2380 have proven to be essential in preventing potential catastrophic events.

Additionally, the unique properties and behaviors of SCP 2380 have provided valuable insights into the nature of anomalies and their interactions with our world. This understanding has enabled us to further enhance our containment procedures and adapt to new threats that may arise in the future.

It is clear that SCP 2380 serves as a prime example of the Foundation’s commitment to safeguarding humanity from the unknown. As we continue to study and learn from this anomaly, we will undoubtedly strengthen our abilities to contain and neutralize other dangerous entities that pose a threat to our world.

Overall, SCP 2380 stands as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of the SCP Foundation in its mission to protect humanity. With ongoing research and vigilance, we will continue to uphold our duties and ensure the safety of the world we inhabit.

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