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1. Discovery

SCP Foundation personnel first encountered SCP 2380 during a routine exploration mission to a remote location in [REDACTED]. The team had received reports of unusual phenomena in the area and were sent to investigate. Upon arrival, they discovered an ancient underground structure that seemed to be the source of the anomalies.

As the team explored further, they came across SCP 2380, a mysterious artifact with strange properties. The exact details of how they first encountered the object remain classified, but it was clear that SCP 2380 possessed immense power and posed a significant threat if left unchecked. The decision was made to secure and contain the object to prevent any potential harm.

Through testing and research, Foundation scientists were able to uncover some of the abilities and history of SCP 2380, shedding light on its origins and purpose. The discovery of this anomalous object marked the beginning of a long-term study and containment effort by the SCP Foundation.

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2. Containment Procedures

Details on how SCP 2380 is to be contained and monitored to prevent any security breaches

Mandatory Requirements

Proper containment procedures for SCP 2380 are crucial in order to prevent any potential security breaches. SCP 2380 is to be securely housed within a standard containment chamber equipped with reinforced steel walls and a dual-locking system. Access to the chamber is restricted to Level 4 personnel and above. Regular monitoring of SCP 2380 is essential to ensure its stability and to detect any unusual activity.

Security Measures

In addition to physical containment, strict security measures must be in place to prevent unauthorized access to SCP 2380. Surveillance cameras are to be installed in the vicinity of the containment chamber to monitor all activity. Regular patrols by security personnel are also required to further secure the area.

Emergency Protocols

Emergency protocols must be established in the event of a breach or containment failure involving SCP 2380. All personnel are to be briefed on the necessary steps to take in such a situation, including evacuation procedures and containment lockdowns. Regular drills and training exercises are to be conducted to ensure that all staff members are prepared for any contingency.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the containment procedures for SCP 2380 are essential to maintain its security. Regular audits are to be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the current protocols and identify any potential vulnerabilities. Any necessary adjustments or updates to the containment procedures are to be implemented promptly to ensure the continued safety and security of SCP 2380.

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3. Anomalous Abilities

SCP 2380 possesses the extraordinary ability to manipulate reality, altering aspects of the world around it at will. This anomalous power allows SCP 2380 to bend the laws of nature and physics, creating unforeseen consequences in its immediate environment. The ability to manipulate reality is not fully understood, and researchers are continually studying the limits of this power.

The consequences of SCP 2380’s reality-altering abilities can range from minor disturbances to catastrophic events, depending on the extent of its actions. These consequences have had a profound impact on the Foundation’s containment procedures, as the unpredictable nature of SCP 2380’s abilities poses a significant challenge to containment efforts.

Understanding and controlling the anomalous abilities of SCP 2380 is crucial to preventing further disruptions and ensuring the safety of both Foundation personnel and the general population. Research into the nature of SCP 2380’s abilities is ongoing, with the hope of developing effective countermeasures to mitigate the potential risks associated with its reality-manipulating powers.

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4. Interaction with Personnel

Instances where SCP 2380 has interacted with SCP Foundation staff and its impact on them

Incidents of Interaction

Throughout its containment, SCP 2380 has had several interactions with SCP Foundation personnel. These interactions have varied in nature, ranging from casual exchanges to more intense encounters.

Impact on Personnel

The interactions with SCP 2380 have had a profound impact on SCP Foundation staff. They have reported feelings of unease, curiosity, and even fear after engaging with SCP 2380. Some personnel have experienced psychological disturbances, while others have found themselves drawn to the entity despite its anomalous nature.


Overall, the interactions with SCP 2380 have left a lasting impression on SCP Foundation personnel, highlighting the unpredictable and potentially dangerous nature of the entity.

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5. Experiment Logs

Records of experiments conducted on SCP 2380 to further understand its abilities

Within this section, detailed logs of the experiments carried out on SCP 2380 will be documented. These records provide valuable information on the various tests, observations, and results obtained during the testing phase. Each entry will highlight the specific parameters of the experiment, the goals set, methodologies employed, as well as the outcomes and any anomalies discovered.

The experiment logs serve as a critical resource in comprehensively analyzing and unraveling the mysterious abilities of SCP 2380. By documenting each step of the testing process, researchers can track the progress made in understanding this anomalous entity and potentially uncover new insights into its behavior.

It is imperative that these experiment logs are meticulously maintained and organized, as they form the foundation of our research efforts. Through the thorough examination of these records, we aim to further elucidate the enigmatic nature of SCP 2380 and advance our knowledge of its capabilities.

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