The English Baby – SCP 2380

1. Introduction

SCP 2380 is a mysterious entity with a unique appearance and extraordinary abilities. The entity appears as a humanoid figure covered in dark, shadowy tendrils that seem to move independently. Despite its unsettling appearance, SCP 2380 does not exhibit any hostile behavior towards humans. Instead, it appears to be curious and observant, often watching researchers with interest.

One of the most remarkable abilities of SCP 2380 is its power to manipulate shadows. It can bend and shape shadows to create illusions or use them for communication. Researchers have observed the entity using shadows to mimic objects or people, displaying a level of control over this ability that is both impressive and unnerving.

Furthermore, SCP 2380 possesses a unique form of telepathy, allowing it to communicate directly with individuals through their thoughts. This ability has proven invaluable in establishing a connection with the entity and learning more about its origins and intentions.

In conclusion, SCP 2380 is a fascinating anomaly that continues to intrigue and mystify researchers. Its appearance, abilities, and enigmatic nature make it a subject of ongoing study and speculation within the SCP Foundation.

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2. Containment Procedures

Details on how SCP 2380 is to be contained and monitored.

Containment Protocol

The containment of SCP 2380 is of utmost importance to prevent any potential risks to personnel or the general public. SCP 2380 must be kept within a secure, locked containment chamber at all times. The chamber should be equipped with surveillance cameras to monitor the entity’s behavior continuously.

Personnel Assignment

Only Level 3 personnel or higher are permitted access to SCP 2380’s containment area. These individuals should be properly briefed on the entity’s capabilities and provided with any necessary safety protocols. Regular psychological evaluations are mandatory for all personnel involved in the containment of SCP 2380.

Monitoring Procedures

SCP 2380’s containment chamber must be monitored 24/7, with shifts rotating every 8 hours to ensure constant surveillance. Any sudden changes in the entity’s behavior or appearance must be reported immediately to the Site Director. Monthly checks on the integrity of the containment chamber are also required to prevent any breach.

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3. Observation Logs

Records of SCP 2380’s behavior and any incidents that have occurred.

The Observation Logs for SCP 2380 are essential in documenting its behavior and any incidents that may have transpired. These logs serve as a detailed account of the entity’s activities, providing valuable insights into its patterns and tendencies.

It is crucial to maintain meticulous records of SCP 2380’s behavior in order to track any changes or anomalies that may occur. These logs should include detailed descriptions of its actions, interactions with personnel, and any noteworthy occurrences that take place within its containment area.

By keeping thorough Observation Logs, researchers can analyze trends in SCP 2380’s behavior, enabling them to better understand and predict its actions. This information is vital for ensuring the safety and security of both SCP 2380 and the facility in which it is housed.

Overall, the Observation Logs play a critical role in monitoring SCP 2380 and are an indispensable tool for studying its behavior and maintaining control over any potential risks that it poses.

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4. Testing and Experiments

Experiments conducted to understand the extent of SCP 2380’s reality manipulation.

Testing and experiments were essential components in the investigation of SCP 2380’s anomalous abilities. Various trials were carried out to determine the limits and effects of its reality manipulation. Researchers meticulously planned and executed these experiments with the utmost caution.

Experimental Procedure

The experimental procedure involved subjecting SCP 2380 to controlled conditions and observing its response. Different variables were manipulated to gauge the extent of its reality-altering capabilities. Data collection was thorough and systematic, recording any deviations from expected outcomes.

Results and Analysis

Upon analyzing the results of the experiments, patterns and trends began to emerge. The data provided valuable insights into the mechanisms behind SCP 2380’s reality manipulation. These findings contributed significantly to the overall understanding of the anomaly.


The implications of the testing and experiments on SCP 2380 were profound. The knowledge gained from these trials could potentially lead to advancements in reality-altering technology or aid in the containment of similar anomalies in the future. Continued research and experimentation were recommended to further explore the capabilities of SCP 2380.

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5. Incident Reports

Documentation of any emergencies or breaches involving SCP 2380.

Mandatory Requirements:

The Incident Reports section serves as a critical documentation tool for recording any emergencies or breaches related to SCP 2380. This section is essential for maintaining a detailed account of any incidents that may occur involving SCP 2380, ensuring transparency and accountability within the organization.

Incident reports must be completed promptly and accurately, providing thorough details of the events that transpired. This documentation should include the date and time of the incident, the nature of the emergency or breach, individuals involved, and any actions taken to address the situation.

Furthermore, incident reports should adhere to a standardized format to facilitate easy review and analysis. It is crucial to ensure that all relevant information is captured in these reports to enable effective decision-making and future prevention of similar incidents.

By maintaining comprehensive incident reports, the organization can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement regarding SCP 2380. This proactive approach can enhance the overall safety and security measures in place, ultimately mitigating risks and safeguarding the well-being of individuals within the facility.

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