The English Baby – SCP 2380

1. Containment Procedures

SCP 2380 is to be kept in a specialized containment chamber designed to mimic the environment of a nursery. It must be fed milk six times a day to prevent tantrums.

The containment chamber for SCP 2380 has been specifically constructed to resemble a nursery setting, complete with toys, colorful walls, and soft furnishings. Caretakers are required to ensure that the environment remains calming and comforting to prevent any potential distress for SCP 2380.

Regular feeding schedules are essential for the well-being of SCP 2380. It must be given milk six times a day to maintain its contentment and prevent any outbursts or tantrums. Caretakers should closely monitor the feeding times and ensure that SCP 2380 receives the necessary nourishment at the designated intervals.

In addition to the physical care of SCP 2380, psychological support is also crucial. Caretakers are encouraged to interact with SCP 2380 in a nurturing and positive manner, fostering a sense of security and trust. This approach is key to fostering a healthy relationship between SCP 2380 and its caretakers, promoting overall well-being and cooperation.

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2. Anomalous Properties

SCP 2380 possesses the unique ability to change its skin color to represent any flag in the world. This anomalous property allows the entity to blend in with its surroundings and potentially evade detection. Furthermore, SCP 2380 has been observed to have the power to manipulate reality itself. This capability is both astounding and potentially dangerous, as it raises concerns about the potential consequences of altering the fabric of reality at will.

Additionally, when SCP 2380 sheds tears, it triggers chaotic weather patterns. The tears of the entity seem to have a direct correlation with atmospheric disturbances, leading to unpredictable and hazardous weather phenomena. This further highlights the extent of SCP 2380’s anomalous abilities and reinforces the need for strict containment measures to prevent any potential harm or disruption caused by the entity.

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3. Containment Breach

During a routine day at the SCP facility, SCP 2380 becomes agitated due to a missed feeding, resulting in a dangerous containment breach. The ground shakes and chaos ensues as SCP 2380 cries and screams uncontrollably.

The containment breach caused by SCP 2380’s agitation sent shockwaves through the facility. Security personnel scrambled to contain the situation as alarms blared and emergency protocols were activated. Panic spread among the staff as SCP 2380’s cries echoed down the hallways, instilling fear in all who heard it.

The once controlled environment of the SCP facility descended into chaos as SCP 2380’s anomalous abilities manifested in violent outbursts. The ground trembled under the force of its power, causing structural damage and further endangering containment protocols.

Despite the best efforts of the containment team, SCP 2380’s uncontrollable screams reverberated through the facility, disrupting all attempts to calm the entity. The situation escalated as SCP 2380’s emotional distress intensified, fueling its destructive capabilities and making containment efforts increasingly difficult.

In the aftermath of the containment breach, the SCP facility was left in disarray. The damage caused by SCP 2380’s rampage would take weeks to repair, and the emotional toll on the staff would linger long after the incident was resolved.

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