The English Baby – SCP 2380

1. Containment Procedures

SCP 2380 is to be contained within a secure facility at all times. The containment chamber must be equipped with reinforced steel walls, a secure locking mechanism, and constant surveillance by trained security personnel. Access to SCP 2380 is restricted to Level 3 personnel and above, with any unauthorized individuals facing immediate removal from the vicinity.

Special precautions must be taken when handling SCP 2380 due to its unpredictable nature. Any interaction with SCP 2380 must be conducted remotely using specialized equipment to minimize risk. All personnel entering the containment chamber must undergo thorough screening for any incompatible materials that may react with SCP 2380.

In the event of a containment breach, emergency protocols are to be immediately implemented. This includes sealing off the affected area, containing SCP 2380 using designated containment procedures, and alerting all relevant personnel. Regular inspections of the containment chamber and monitoring of SCP 2380’s behavior are essential to prevent any incidents from occurring.

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2. Description

SCP 2380 is a humanoid entity with unique physical characteristics and abilities. It stands at approximately 1.8 meters tall and weighs around 75 kilograms. The entity appears to be composed of a translucent, crystalline substance that emits a soft, bioluminescent glow. Despite its ethereal appearance, SCP 2380 exhibits remarkable strength and resilience, capable of withstanding significant physical force without sustaining any damage.

In addition to its unusual appearance, SCP 2380 possesses anomalous abilities that further distinguish it from ordinary human beings. The entity has the ability to manipulate its crystalline form, altering its composition and shape at will. This allows SCP 2380 to assume a variety of different forms and structures, ranging from sharp, jagged spikes to delicate, intricate patterns. Such transformations are not only decorative but also serve a defensive purpose, as SCP 2380 can use its crystalline assets to protect itself from external threats.

Furthermore, SCP 2380’s anomalous properties extend beyond its physical form. The entity emits a low-frequency hum that has a hypnotic effect on those who hear it, inducing a sense of calm and tranquility. This effect has been observed to have a pacifying influence on individuals in the vicinity of SCP 2380, causing them to become more compliant and suggestible. The true nature and origins of SCP 2380 remain unknown, prompting further investigation into its abilities and potential implications.

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3. Incident Report

Following the containment breach caused by SCP 2380’s hunger and crying, chaos and danger ensued within the facility. The incident report details the sequence of events that led to the breach, as well as the immediate aftermath of the containment breach. SCP 2380’s anomalous properties manifested unexpectedly, leading to a situation where containment procedures were compromised.

The containment breach resulted in a heightened state of alert within the facility, as personnel worked quickly to mitigate the risks posed by SCP 2380’s uncontrolled behavior. The hunger and crying exhibited by SCP 2380 served as a catalyst for the breach, causing disruptions and panic among staff members.

The incident report provides a thorough account of the containment breach, outlining the specific challenges faced by personnel in regaining control of the situation. It highlights the importance of understanding and containing anomalous entities such as SCP 2380, as well as the need for stringent containment protocols to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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