The English Baby: A SCP Foundation Story

1. Discovery of SCP 2380

SCP 2380 is a unique anomaly with abilities unlike any other seen before by the SCP Foundation. Upon its discovery, it was found to possess the ability to manipulate reality through unknown means, often leading to unpredictable and dangerous consequences. The Foundation was alerted to its presence when reports of unexplained phenomena in a small town in rural ██████ surfaced, prompting investigation by field agents.

After initial containment procedures failed due to SCP 2380’s reality-altering abilities, a specialized containment unit was established to house and study the anomaly. This unit was constructed using advanced technologies developed by Foundation researchers specifically for the purpose of containing SCP 2380.

Through meticulous observation and experimentation, the Foundation was able to gain a better understanding of SCP 2380’s capabilities and limitations. Various tests were conducted to determine the extent of its reality-bending powers and the potential risks associated with them. The knowledge gained from these experiments played a crucial role in developing effective containment protocols to prevent any potential breaches.

Overall, the discovery of SCP 2380 marked a significant milestone for the SCP Foundation, showcasing their ability to contain and study even the most mysterious and dangerous anomalies that threaten the fabric of reality.

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2. Care and Feeding Requirements

Proper care and feeding of SCP 2380 is crucial to ensure its well-being and containment. Neglecting its needs can result in dire consequences for both the entity and its surroundings.

Feeding Schedule

SCP 2380 must be fed a balanced diet consisting of [REDACTED] every [REDACTED] hours. It is imperative to adhere strictly to this feeding schedule to prevent any potential containment breaches.

Environmental Conditions

The containment area for SCP 2380 must maintain a temperature range between [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] degrees Celsius. Failure to regulate the environmental conditions can lead to adverse effects on the entity’s health and behavior.

Interaction Protocol

All personnel assigned to SCP 2380 must follow the designated interaction protocol. This includes wearing protective gear, avoiding direct eye contact, and speaking in a calm and respectful tone at all times.

Medical Evaluation

Regular medical evaluations of SCP 2380 are necessary to monitor its physical and psychological well-being. Any abnormalities or signs of distress must be reported immediately to the assigned supervisor.

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3. The Unforeseen Consequences

As the scientists at the SCP Foundation continued to neglect SCP 2380, they began to experience the devastating effects of their inaction. The containment breach that ensued led to chaos and danger within the facility, putting the lives of both staff members and SCP objects at risk.

Without proper attention and containment protocols in place, SCP 2380 was able to wreak havoc within the facility, causing widespread panic and destruction. The unforeseen consequences of neglecting this particular SCP became all too apparent as the situation spiraled out of control.

As the chaos unfolded, it became evident that the scientists’ neglect of SCP 2380 had dire repercussions that could not be easily rectified. The Foundation now faced a crisis that tested their abilities to contain and neutralize anomalies, highlighting the importance of vigilant oversight and adherence to containment procedures.

The events that transpired served as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by SCP objects and the critical role that containment plays in safeguarding against potential threats. The lesson learned from this incident would forever shape the way in which the SCP Foundation approached the containment and management of anomalies in the future.

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4. Containment Breach

SCP 2380’s power escalates as it cries and screams, causing a containment breach and putting the facility at risk.

As SCP 2380’s distress intensifies, the containment procedures begin to fail. The cries and screams emanating from the entity grow louder and more chaotic, disrupting the stability of the facility. Guards rush to contain the situation, but they are overwhelmed by the sheer force of SCP 2380’s power.

The containment breach puts the entire facility at risk, with other SCPs potentially being affected by the turmoil caused by SCP 2380. The alarms blare as emergency protocols are activated, and staff members scramble to secure the breached areas and prevent further damage.

Despite their best efforts, the containment breach escalates rapidly, with SCP 2380’s influence spreading to nearby containment units. The facility is plunged into chaos as containment protocols are pushed to their limits, and the risk of a full-scale breach becomes imminent.

As the situation deteriorates, containment teams work tirelessly to regain control and prevent the situation from spiraling out of hand. The fate of the facility hangs in the balance as they struggle to contain SCP 2380 and prevent further damage from being done.

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