The English Baby

1. Introduction

SCP 2380, also known as the English Baby, is a unique anomaly contained by the SCP Foundation. This anomalous entity appears to be a small baby, approximately one year old, with the appearance of a typical human infant. However, SCP 2380 possesses the ability to communicate in fluent English, despite lacking the physical capacity to form words. The entity is capable of telepathically transmitting its thoughts and communicating with individuals within a certain proximity.

SCP 2380’s anomalous abilities extend beyond linguistic capabilities. The English Baby has been observed to possess minor reality-warping abilities, such as influencing the emotions and behaviors of those around it. These effects have been noted to vary in intensity, ranging from subtle changes in mood to more drastic alterations in behavior. As a result, careful containment procedures have been implemented to prevent potential misuse of SCP 2380’s abilities.

Research into the origin and nature of SCP 2380 is ongoing, as the entity’s abilities continue to intrigue and mystify Foundation researchers. The English Baby remains under close observation and study to better understand the extent of its anomalous properties and implications for containment and research.

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2. Discovery

SCP 2380 was stumbled upon by a group of hikers exploring a remote mountain region in [REDACTED]. Reports of strange occurrences and missing persons led the SCP Foundation to investigate further. Upon locating SCP 2380, containment procedures were swiftly put into place to prevent any further incidents.

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3. Containment Procedures

Explanation of the containment procedures put in place to control SCP 2380’s abilities.

Containment Measures:

In order to effectively control SCP 2380’s abilities, specific containment procedures have been implemented. The primary containment chamber for SCP 2380 must be constructed of reinforced steel and fitted with electromagnetic shielding to prevent any unauthorized transmission of signals. It is imperative that access to SCP 2380 is restricted to Level 4 personnel only, with all interactions being monitored via closed-circuit cameras at all times.

Personnel Protocol:

All personnel assigned to the containment of SCP 2380 must undergo rigorous training on how to handle potential breaches and emergencies. They must adhere to strict protocols when entering SCP 2380’s chamber, ensuring that all safety measures are followed to the letter. Regular drills and exercises are to be conducted to maintain readiness in case of unforeseen events.

Testing Procedures:

Any testing involving SCP 2380 must be approved by the Site Director and carried out in a controlled environment. Test subjects must be carefully screened and monitored during experiments to prevent any potential harm. Results and data collected from tests must be documented and reviewed to further improve containment procedures.

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4. Testing

Reports on various tests conducted on SCP 2380 to understand the extent of its reality manipulation abilities.

The testing phase involved a series of experiments to analyze the reality manipulation abilities of SCP 2380. These tests were designed to assess the magnitude and limitations of its capabilities.

One of the key experiments focused on observing the direct impact of SCP 2380 on altering reality. The results of this test provided insights into the extent to which SCP 2380 can manipulate its environment.

Another crucial test examined the ability of SCP 2380 to manipulate time. By conducting controlled experiments, researchers were able to determine the temporal effects of SCP 2380’s manipulation.

This experiment aimed to investigate SCP 2380’s capacity to distort space. The findings from this test shed light on the spatial manipulation abilities of SCP 2380.

Overall, the testing phase provided valuable insights into the reality manipulation abilities of SCP 2380. The results of these experiments will be instrumental in understanding and containing the anomalous properties of SCP 2380.

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5. Incident Logs

Records of incidents involving SCP 2380, including its emotional outbursts causing natural disasters.

The incident logs related to SCP 2380 provide detailed accounts of various occurrences involving the entity. These logs document instances where SCP 2380 has exhibited emotional outbursts, leading to catastrophic natural disasters. Examples of such incidents include volcanic eruptions triggered by its intense anger or earthquakes resulting from its profound sadness. Each entry in the incident logs chronicles the specific emotions expressed by SCP 2380 and the subsequent effects on the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, the incident logs serve as a vital tool for understanding the correlation between SCP 2380’s emotional state and the manifestation of these disasters. By analyzing the patterns within the logs, researchers can gain insights into the behavioral triggers of SCP 2380 and potentially develop strategies to mitigate the harmful effects of its emotional fluctuations. These records are crucial for predicting and preparing for future incidents involving SCP 2380, ultimately contributing to the containment and management of this anomalous entity.

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6. Research Findings

Research on SCP 2380 has provided insights into its origins and the mechanisms underlying its abilities. Ongoing studies have revealed a number of intriguing findings regarding the anomalous properties of SCP 2380.


Research into the origins of SCP 2380 has uncovered a series of interconnected events that led to its existence. These events appear to be rooted in a combination of historical occurrences and unknown factors, providing a complex backstory to the object.


Studies on the abilities of SCP 2380 have shed light on how it functions and the extent of its powers. The research has revealed that SCP 2380 possesses unique capabilities that are not fully understood, prompting further investigations into its anomalous nature.

Overall, the ongoing research on SCP 2380’s origins and abilities continues to provide valuable insights into this mysterious anomaly, raising new questions and possibilities for future exploration.

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7. Conclusion

A summary of the implications of SCP 2380’s existence and the potential risks it poses.

Implications of SCP 2380

SCP 2380’s existence has profound implications on the scientific community, as it challenges our understanding of time and space. The discovery of this anomaly raises questions about the limitations of human knowledge and the nature of reality itself. Researchers have been fascinated by the possibilities that SCP 2380 presents, leading to further exploration and investigation.

Potential Risks

However, along with its potential benefits, SCP 2380 also poses significant risks. The unpredictable nature of the anomaly creates a sense of uncertainty and raises concerns about the potential consequences of continued experimentation. There is a fear that our attempts to study SCP 2380 may result in unintended and dangerous outcomes, putting both researchers and the general population at risk.


In conclusion, SCP 2380’s existence opens up new avenues for scientific inquiry while also posing significant risks. It challenges our understanding of the universe and forces us to confront the limitations of our knowledge. As researchers continue to study this anomaly, they must proceed with caution and awareness of the potential dangers it poses.

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