The Endless Fall

1. Regular Visits

A young girl finds herself inexplicably drawn to a large hole that exists on the outskirts of her small town. She begins to make regular visits to this mysterious hole, a pit that seems to have no bottom. Each time she visits, she is compelled to drop small stones into the hole, listening intently for the sound of impact that never seems to come. Despite her efforts, the girl is met only with a deep, echoing silence that leaves her feeling both intrigued and unnerved.

As she stands at the edge of the hole, peering into the darkness below, the girl can’t help but call out into the abyss, her voice swallowed by the vast emptiness. The only response she receives is the echo of her own words, bouncing off the walls of the hole and back to her. Despite the lack of any visible or audible response, the girl continues to return to the hole, her curiosity driving her to seek answers that seem to elude her.

With each visit, the girl’s fascination with the hole grows, as does her sense of unease. She begins to wonder what lies at the bottom of this seemingly bottomless pit and why she feels such a strong pull to return to it time and time again. The mystery of the hole becomes a constant presence in her life, a lingering question that she can’t quite shake.

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2. The Accidental Fall

One day, while wearing a long dress, she trips and falls into the hole, unable to reach the bottom and endlessly descending.

The Unexpected Mishap

On an ordinary day, the protagonist found herself in a peculiar situation. Dressed in a long flowing dress, she suddenly tripped and stumbled into an unexpected hole that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

The Endless Descent

As she tumbled into the hole, the protagonist realized to her horror that the bottom was nowhere in sight. She continued to descend further and further into the darkness, unable to grasp onto anything to stop her fall.

A Sudden Turn of Events

Caught in a state of perpetual free fall, the protagonist’s mind raced with thoughts of how she ended up in this predicament. Was this a mere accident or was it something more sinister at play?

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3. Endless Descent

Falling deeper into the darkness, the girl worries about the never-ending fall and clutches onto her dress as she continues to plummet.

As the girl descends further into the darkness, her heart pounds with fear. The never-ending fall seems to stretch on endlessly, a terrifying void beneath her feet. In a desperate attempt to hold onto something familiar, she clutches onto her dress, feeling the fabric slip through her trembling fingers.

The sense of helplessness grows with each passing moment, the only sound echoing in the darkness is the rush of air as she falls. The girl yearns for any sign of hope or light, but all she sees is the infinite layers of darkness enveloping her.

Her mind races with questions, each more frightening than the last. Will this fall ever come to an end? Is there anything waiting for her at the bottom of this abyss? The uncertainty weighs heavily on her as she continues to descend, feeling as though she is spiraling into a bottomless pit.

With each passing moment, the girl’s grip on reality weakens, the fear of the unknown consuming her thoughts. She can only hold onto her dress tighter, hoping that somehow it will anchor her in this endless descent.

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