The Enchantress’s Spell

1. The Transformation of the Servant

In the palace, a beautiful witch captivates a princess with her magical abilities. She decides to showcase her powers by transforming the princess’s loyal servant into a snake-girl. The princess watches in awe as the enchantress utters a mysterious spell and gently strokes the girl’s legs. With each stroke of her hand, the servant’s human skin starts to shimmer and morph into scales resembling that of a snake.

The princess gasps in astonishment as she witnesses the servant’s complete transformation. The once human girl now stands before them with a body covered in intricate patterns of green and black scales. Her eyes gleam with an otherworldly light, resembling those of a serpent. The servant-girl moves with a new agility, slithering across the floor with grace and speed.

The witch smiles at the princess’s reaction, satisfied with the success of her spell. She explains to the princess that the transformation is not permanent and can be reversed with another incantation. However, the princess is enthralled by the enchanting sight before her and requests the servant-girl to remain in her snake form for a while longer.

As the servant-girl continues to showcase her newfound abilities, the princess and the witch watch in fascination. The palace is filled with a sense of wonder and magic, as the once ordinary servant has now become a mesmerizing creature of legend.

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2. The Princess’s Request

Thrilled by the magnificent display of magic, the princess eagerly approaches the enchantress with a request. She expresses her desire to see someone transformed into a fierce bird. The enchantress’ eyes glitter mischievously as she considers the princess’s whimsical plea.

With a wave of her hand and a whispered incantation, the witch begins to weave her spell. The air around them crackles with power, and a sudden gust of wind envelops the princess. She feels a strange sensation coursing through her body, starting from her fingertips.

As the princess looks down in astonishment, she sees feathers sprouting from her hands. Panic momentarily grips her heart as she realizes that she is not merely witnessing a transformation but undergoing it herself. Her hands, once delicate and graceful, now sport magnificent wings that shimmer in the sunlight.

The princess gasps in wonder as she flexes her newfound appendages, feeling the rush of power and freedom that comes with them. She lifts her hands-turned-wings experimentally and takes a tentative step forward, testing the limits of her altered form.

The enchantress watches with a satisfied smile as the princess marvels at the sight of her new wings. The witch’s curse has been fulfilled, and the princess is now a creature of the sky, forever bound to the realm of the birds.

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