The Empress and the God of Death

1. The Annual Offering

Every year, Empress plays a pivotal role in leading the kingdom in a grand ceremony dedicated to giving offerings to the deity. This tradition holds a special significance as it is believed that through these offerings, the deity will bestow the gift of motherhood upon those who seek it.

During this annual event, the entire kingdom comes together in unity to participate in various rituals and prayers, expressing their devotion and hopes for the future. The Empress, being the symbol of motherhood and fertility, takes center stage in leading the rites and offerings, setting an example for all the people. Her presence adds a sense of solemnity and reverence to the occasion, inspiring others to join in with sincerity and faith.

The offerings presented to the deity are carefully selected and prepared, symbolizing the purity of heart and intentions of the kingdom. Each offering is made with utmost reverence and love, as the people gather to pray for the blessings of fertility and prosperity to be bestowed upon them.

Through this annual tradition of giving offerings, the kingdom not only strengthens their bond with the deity but also reaffirms their collective desire for the gift of motherhood. It is a time of reflection, hope, and unity, as they come together to seek the divine intervention in their lives.

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2. The Chosen Ones


Within the realm of the divine, a select group of two hundred women experience a transformation unlike any other. Their very beings are infused with a radiant pink glow, a mark of the great honor that has been bestowed upon them. These chosen ones have been selected for a special purpose – to carry out the sacred duty of divine pregnancy.

As they bask in the iridescent light that surrounds them, the chosen ones are filled with a sense of awe and wonder. They understand the magnitude of the task that has been entrusted to them, and they embrace it with humility and grace. Each woman chosen for this extraordinary role is filled with a sense of purpose and determination, knowing that they have been singled out for a reason.

Throughout the land, whispers of the chosen ones spread like wildfire. Their names are spoken with reverence and awe, for they are seen as symbols of hope and renewal. The pink glow that surrounds them is a beacon of light in a world filled with darkness, a reminder that there is still magic and wonder to be found.

As the chosen ones prepare for the journey that lies ahead, they draw strength from each other. United in their purpose, they stand ready to embrace the challenges that await them. With unwavering faith and courage, they step into the unknown, knowing that they are destined for greatness.

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3. The Empress’s Fate

The statue’s prophecy of two hundred and one chosen ones leaves the Empress hopeful for her own divine encounter.

The Empress pondered the words of the prophecy, her heart filled with anticipation and excitement. Could she be one of the chosen ones, destined for a divine encounter? The thought filled her with hope and renewed purpose.

As she sat on her throne, the Empress imagined the possibilities that lay ahead. Would she receive a vision, a sign from the heavens? Would she be granted wisdom beyond mortal understanding, or powers to protect her people in times of need?

The Empress knew that she must remain patient and faithful. The prophecy had spoken of two hundred and one chosen ones, and she was determined to be among them. She would await her destiny, ready to embrace whatever the gods had in store for her.

With a newfound sense of purpose, the Empress vowed to rule with justice and compassion, knowing that her fate was intertwined with that of the chosen ones. She would lead her empire with strength and wisdom, guided by the belief that her divine encounter was just around the corner.

As she gazed at the statue that had foretold her fate, the Empress felt a sense of peace wash over her. Whatever lay ahead, she was ready to face it with courage and determination, knowing that she was destined for greatness.

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4. The Night Visit

The Empress awaits her promised visit from the deity, her destiny hanging in the balance.

The Anticipation

As the night grew darker, the Empress’s heart raced with anticipation. She had been promised a visit from the deity, a visit that could change the course of her life forever. Every moment that passed felt like an eternity as she waited for the deity to fulfill their promise.

The Hushed Silence

The palace was shrouded in a hushed silence, with only the soft flickering of torches casting shadows on the walls. The Empress stood at the window, gazing out into the moonlit night, her thoughts consumed with what the deity’s visit could mean for her future.

The Weight of Destiny

As the hours ticked by, the weight of her destiny hung heavy on the Empress’s shoulders. Would the deity bring news of prosperity and success, or would they deliver a message of despair and downfall? The Empress could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she braced herself for what was to come.

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