The Dust of Vengeance

1. The Squad

In the year 2014, Baron led a squad consisting of skilled fighters. Kemal, Turan, Barbaros, Murat, Medved, Baran, Amer, Tan, Kaya, Mert, Zeynep, Tolga, and Asena were all part of this elite team. Each member brought their unique set of abilities and strengths to the squad, making them a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Baron, the leader of the squad, was known for his strategic thinking and exceptional combat skills. Under his guidance, the squad operated with precision and efficiency, carrying out missions with success.

Kemal and Turan were the expert marksmen of the group, with unmatched accuracy and precision in their shooting. Barbaros and Murat were the powerhouse fighters, capable of taking down multiple opponents with ease.

Medved and Baran specialized in close combat, using their strength and agility to overpower their enemies. Amer and Tan were the tech experts, providing valuable support with their hacking skills and knowledge of technology.

Kaya, Mert, Zeynep, Tolga, and Asena each had their own unique abilities that complemented the rest of the squad. Together, they formed a cohesive unit that could tackle any challenge thrown their way.

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2. The Encounter

During a meal, a stranger approached Asena inappropriately, causing Kemal to intervene and protect her. Unfortunately, he was overpowered and struck down by the stranger. In a swift display of strength, Baron then obliterated the unwelcome visitor, turning him to dust.

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