The Duke’s Son

1. Watching Over William

The Duke Drian Neratt meticulously watches over his son William, who was born without the innate ability to harness magic. In order to keep William safe from those who might see him as a threat or a weakness, they reside in a well-concealed mansion nestled away from prying eyes.

Despite William’s lack of magical affinity, Duke Drian dedicates himself to ensuring his son’s well-being and providing him with all the love and protection a father can offer. He understands the challenges that William may face in a world where magic is highly valued and sought after, but he remains steadfast in his commitment to safeguarding his son.

Within the walls of their secluded abode, Duke Drian teaches William about the history of their family and the responsibilities that come with bearing the Neratt name. He imparts valuable lessons on leadership, integrity, and resilience, preparing William for whatever obstacles may come his way.

As William grows under his father’s watchful gaze, he begins to show signs of exceptional intelligence and a keen sense of empathy towards others. Duke Drian nurtures these qualities, instilling in William a sense of compassion and understanding that sets him apart from his magical counterparts.

Together, Duke Drian and William forge a bond that transcends the boundaries of magic, proving that true strength lies in the unwavering love and guidance of a devoted parent.

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2. Constant Threats

Living in the City of Rena comes with its own set of challenges, especially for the Duke and his family. Due to the constant attacks from monster hunters, the Duke is always on high alert, ensuring the safety of his beloved son at all times. The City has become a hub of danger, with threats lurking around every corner.

Despite the Duke’s efforts to safeguard his son, the relentless attacks from monster hunters pose a significant risk. The Duke must employ various strategies to outwit these hunters and ensure his son remains unharmed. The tension in the City is palpable as the Duke navigates through the constant threats, constantly watching over his son like a hawk.

The Duke’s vigilance is not unwarranted, as the monster hunters show no signs of relenting in their pursuit. Each day brings a new challenge, causing the Duke to be on his toes at all times. The City of Rena, once a place of tranquility, has now transformed into a battleground where the Duke must fight to protect his family.

Despite the overwhelming odds, the Duke remains resolute in his mission to keep his son safe from harm. The City of Rena may be besieged by constant threats, but the Duke’s determination to shield his son from danger is unwavering.

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3. Negotiating Supplies

When the Duke is involved in negotiating supplies with other monsters, his top priority is ensuring the safety and well-being of his son within the walls of the mansion. This delicate balance between securing essential resources for their survival and protecting his child from potential harm is a crucial aspect of the Duke’s responsibilities.

As the negotiations unfold, the Duke carefully navigates the complex relationships and power dynamics among the different monster factions. He must strike a balance between asserting his own needs and respecting the interests of the other parties involved. Through skillful diplomacy and strategic decision-making, the Duke aims to secure the best possible outcome for his family while maintaining a sense of mutual cooperation with his fellow monsters.

Despite the challenges and risks associated with these interactions, the Duke remains steadfast in his commitment to safeguarding his son’s well-being above all else. His ability to negotiate effectively in the face of adversity demonstrates his strength as a leader and a parent, earning him respect and admiration from his peers within the monster community.

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4. A Playful Son

Despite the dangers lurking outside, William enjoys playing with the other children of monsters inside the mansion, bringing a smile to his father’s face.

William, the son of the powerful monster, finds joy and excitement in interacting with the other children who reside within the walls of the grand mansion. Despite the looming threats and risks that exist beyond the safety of their home, William’s innocent and playful nature shines through as he partakes in games and laughter with his young companions.

His father, a formidable figure among the monsters, takes pride in witnessing his son’s carefree and happy disposition. Seeing William engaging with his peers fills his heart with joy and contentment, bringing a rare smile to his usually stoic face.

Within the walls of the mansion, away from the dangers of the outside world, William thrives in the company of his friends, reveling in the simple pleasures of childhood. His playful spirit not only brings happiness to himself but also to those around him, creating a light-hearted atmosphere amidst the shadows that linger beyond the safety of the mansion.

As William continues to embrace the joys of childhood within the confines of the mansion, his father watches on with a mixture of pride and protectiveness, cherishing these moments of innocence and happiness in the midst of a dark and unpredictable world.

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