The Duke’s Protection

1. Watching Over William

Within the hidden mansion, Duke Drian Neratt maintains a vigilant watch over his young son, William. Engaged in play amongst the offspring of the mansion’s monster inhabitants, William’s every move is closely monitored by his father.

The Duke, a stern and commanding figure, observes from a distance as William interacts with the peculiar children who call the mansion home. His son’s safety and well-being are of the utmost importance to him, evident in the unwavering attention he pays to the boy’s activities.

Despite the eerie surroundings and the presence of the monstrous inhabitants, William appears carefree and content as he mingles with his new companions. The Duke’s keen eyes never stray far from his son, ensuring that no harm befalls him in this strange and mysterious place.

As the children play games and explore the mansion’s hidden nooks, Duke Drian Neratt remains a silent guardian, always ready to step in should any danger arise. His unwavering presence serves as a reassuring constant in William’s adventures within the mansion, a beacon of protection amid the shadows.

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2. Negotiations and Threats

The Duke finds himself in a precarious position as he enters the City of Rena, a hub for monster hunters who pose a threat to his clan and his son. Negotiating alliances and navigating through potential danger become his top priorities as he strives to ensure the safety of his loved ones.

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3. Protecting William

Desperate to shield William from harm, the Duke takes drastic measures to keep his son safe from the dangers lurking outside their home.

In order to ensure William’s safety, the Duke spares no effort in implementing extreme precautions. He hires additional guards to patrol the grounds day and night, and installs the latest security systems to fortify the mansion. Every window is fitted with unbreakable glass, and the doors are reinforced with triple locks.

Despite the Duchess’s objections, the Duke enlists the help of a renowned security expert to conduct a thorough risk assessment. The expert identifies potential weak points in the defense strategy and suggests further enhancements. The Duke immediately implements the expert’s recommendations, including setting up safe rooms equipped with emergency supplies.

As the tension in the city escalates, the Duke becomes even more vigilant. He instructs William’s tutors to accompany him at all times, ensuring that the boy is never left unguarded. In addition, the Duke limits William’s exposure to the outside world, canceling social events and restricting his excursions to only the safest areas.

Despite the sacrifices and upheaval caused by these protective measures, the Duke remains steadfast in his determination to safeguard William. He knows that the dangers they face are real and that the threat to his son’s life is all too present. And so, with unwavering resolve, he continues to do everything in his power to protect William from harm.

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