The Duke Drian Neratt and his Son William

1. Watching his Son

The Duke Drian Neratt stands at the entrance of their hidden mansion, observing his son William as he plays with other monster children. The children’s laughter fills the air, echoing through the halls of the ancient estate. Duke Neratt’s expression softens as he watches his son’s joyful antics, his heart swelling with pride at the sight of William interacting with his peers.

William, with his tousled hair and bright blue eyes, runs around the courtyard chasing after a ball made of shimmering energy. His laughter is infectious, and the other children follow suit, their playful energy contagious. Duke Neratt leans against a pillar, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips as he takes in the scene before him.

As the sun starts to set, casting a warm glow over the courtyard, Duke Neratt calls out to William. The young boy looks up, his face lighting up with a mix of excitement and affection as he sees his father. Running over, William’s small hand reaches for Duke Neratt’s, their bond evident in the simple gesture.

Together, father and son walk back into the mansion, the sounds of laughter fading behind them. Duke Neratt’s heart is full as he watches William chatter excitedly about his day, his son’s happiness and well-being the most important things in the world to him.

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2. Negotiating with Monsters

In order to protect his son from the constant attacks by monster hunters, the Duke finds himself in a precarious position where he must negotiate supplies and alliances with other monsters. This delicate balance of negotiation requires the Duke to navigate through the different personalities and motives of the monsters he encounters.

Each negotiation brings its own set of challenges, as the Duke must carefully manage his words and actions to secure the support he needs. Some monsters may be more willing to cooperate in exchange for certain favors or resources, while others may require more convincing.

As the Duke delves deeper into the world of monster negotiations, he discovers that trust and communication are key components in establishing solid alliances. By building relationships with other monsters based on mutual benefit and respect, the Duke is able to create a network of support that aids in safeguarding his son.

Despite the risks involved in dealing with monsters, the Duke understands that these negotiations are vital in ensuring the safety of his family. Through strategic planning and shrewd decision-making, he is able to navigate this treacherous landscape and emerge with the alliances necessary to shield his son from harm.

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3. The Son’s Safety

William, who was born without the ability to control magic, chooses to stay indoors to protect himself from any potential dangers that may arise due to his lack of control over magic. Despite this limitation, his decision brings a warm smile to his father’s face as he watches his son prioritize his safety above all else.

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