The Duke and His Son

1. Watching Over William

The Duke Drian Neratt carefully observes his son, William, who stands out amongst their Eak vampire clan due to his lack of magical abilities. While most Eak vampires are born with the innate talent to harness magic for various purposes, William unfortunately was not blessed with this gift. Despite this setback, Duke Drian remains vigilant in watching over his son, ensuring his safety and well-being in a world where magic plays a crucial role in their society.

William, despite his limitations, possesses other qualities that make him special. His determination, resilience, and intelligence are traits that have not gone unnoticed by his father. Duke Drian takes pride in his son’s unique strengths, believing that they will serve him well in navigating a world where magical prowess often determines one’s status and success.

As William grows older, Duke Drian continues to provide guidance and support, encouraging his son to focus on honing his non-magical skills. While William may never possess the same magical abilities as his peers, he has the potential to carve out his own path and make a name for himself in ways that others may not expect.

Through his unwavering watchful eye and unwavering support, Duke Drian is determined to ensure that William thrives in a world where being different is both a challenge and an opportunity.

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2. Living in Secrecy

The Duke resides in a hidden mansion protected by Mages and Nume to avoid attacks from monster hunters in the City of Rena.

Living in secrecy is not an easy task, especially for someone as prominent as the Duke. The hidden mansion where he resides serves as a sanctuary, shielded by powerful Mages and Nume to keep him safe from the constant threat of monster hunters in the City of Rena. These skilled individuals use their magic to ward off any potential danger, ensuring that the Duke can continue his duties without fear of being discovered.

Despite the precautions taken to keep his whereabouts hidden, the Duke must still exercise extreme caution in his daily activities. He must always be aware of his surroundings and maintain a low profile to avoid drawing unwanted attention. The secrecy surrounding his residence also means that he must limit his interactions with others, especially those outside his trusted circle.

Living in secrecy can be isolating, but the Duke understands that it is a necessary sacrifice to protect himself and those close to him. He must constantly be on guard, never knowing when the next threat may come. However, with the support of the Mages and Nume who watch over him, he finds comfort in knowing that they will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

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3. William’s Protection

William is always seen with special charms hanging around his neck. These charms serve as his protection against magic. Without them, his mortal flesh would be unable to withstand the effects of any magical exposure, causing it to wither and decay.

These charms are intricately designed and carefully crafted to ward off any magical influence that may come William’s way. They are made of rare materials imbued with ancient spells and enchantments, making them a powerful barrier against any form of sorcery.

William is aware of the dangers posed by magic, especially to someone with a mortal nature like himself. That is why he never leaves home without these protective charms. They are his shield and his lifeline, ensuring his safety in a world filled with mystical forces.

Despite the weight of responsibility that comes with wearing these charms, William knows that they are necessary for his survival. He has grown accustomed to their presence and feels a sense of security knowing that they are there to keep him safe.

Whenever William encounters anything magical, he can feel the charms resonating with power, acting as a barrier between him and the potentially harmful effects of the magic. Their presence gives him the confidence to face any magical threat head-on, knowing that he is well-protected.

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4. Negotiating for Supplies

As the Duke navigates through the treacherous monster-inhabited territory, he engages in negotiations with other creatures to secure essential supplies for his son and the rest of their hidden community. These negotiations are crucial to guaranteeing the safety and well-being of their group, as resources are scarce in their harsh environment.

The interactions involve delicate bargaining and strategic alliances, as the Duke must carefully navigate the complex dynamics of the monster world. By leveraging his diplomatic skills and knowledge of the terrain, he is able to strike deals that benefit both parties involved. These negotiations not only ensure the provision of vital resources but also help forge valuable connections that may prove beneficial in future endeavors.

Through these negotiations, the Duke demonstrates his leadership abilities and determination to protect his son and their community at any cost. Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, he remains resolute in his mission to provide for his people and secure their survival in a hostile world.

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