The Dominant Women

1. Phyrrha’s Confusion

Phyrrha is utterly perplexed by Jaune’s steadfast loyalty to Weiss, despite the fact that Weiss often treats him like a mere servant, and even goes as far as to ride him as if he were a mount. Phyrrha can’t fathom why Jaune continues to devote himself to someone who shows him such little respect and regard. She watches in disbelief as Jaune bends over backward to fulfill Weiss’ every whim, even when it means sacrificing his own well-being. Phyrrha struggles to comprehend the dynamics of their relationship and wonders what it is that keeps Jaune so tethered to Weiss, despite her cold and callous behavior towards him.

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2. Seeking Advice

Confused by her predicament, Phyrrha seeks guidance from Nora, hoping to find answers to her questions. Nora, understanding Phyrrha’s dilemma, explains to her the dynamics of their society. She reveals that in their world, men are expected to serve dominant women who assert their superiority.

Nora goes on to elaborate on how this power dynamic is rooted in their history and tradition. She explains that for centuries, women have been revered for their strength and wisdom, leading to the establishment of a matriarchal society where women hold positions of power and influence.

As Phyrrha listens intently, Nora shares stories of legendary women who have shaped their society and inspired generations. She emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s femininity and tapping into the strength that lies within. Nora encourages Phyrrha to embrace her role as a dominant woman and to assert her superiority with confidence.

With a newfound understanding of her place in the world, Phyrrha thanks Nora for her guidance and sets out to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. Armed with wisdom and a sense of empowerment, she is determined to fulfill her destiny as a dominant woman in a society where strength and superiority reign supreme.

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3. The Nature of Relationships

When examining the dynamics of relationships, Nora brings to light an intriguing observation – men tend to naturally gravitate towards women who assert their dominance and establish control within the relationship. This revealing insight sheds light on the innate tendencies of individuals when it comes to power dynamics in romantic partnerships.

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