The Dominant Cersei

1. The Submission

Daenerys approaches Cersei and gracefully lowers herself to one knee, a sign of respect and humility. With unwavering determination in her eyes, she speaks softly yet firmly, expressing her deep affection for Cersei and her willingness to pledge loyalty. Daenerys offers a powerful gesture of submission by extending the might of her armies and the fearsome dragons under her command.

Cersei, known for her cunning and strategic prowess, regards Daenerys with a mixture of skepticism and curiosity. The room is tense with anticipation as the two formidable women face each other in this pivotal moment. Daenerys, though young and inexperienced in the ways of courtly politics, stands her ground with unwavering determination.

As the relationship between Daenerys and Cersei unfolds, the intricate dance of power and manipulation begins. Daenerys’ submission is not merely an act of surrender, but a strategic move to secure her position and gain favor. The dynamics between the two women shift and evolve, setting the stage for a series of events that will shape the future of the realm.

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2. The Delight

After learning of Daenerys’ intentions to challenge her reign, Cersei’s heart fills with delight at the thought of dominating her rival. The idea of having Daenerys as a slave to her own whims is a dream come true for Cersei, who relishes the opportunity to humiliate and degrade the once-powerful Targaryen.

Cersei envisions herself as the victor in this game of thrones, basking in the glory of her triumph over Daenerys. The thought of Daenerys bowing down to her, begging for mercy and forgiveness, sends chills of excitement down Cersei’s spine. She imagines the look of defeat and despair in Daenerys’ eyes as she realizes her fate at the hands of Cersei.

Every plan and strategy Cersei concocts is fueled by the sheer delight she feels at the prospect of bringing Daenerys to her knees. The power and control that come with dominating her rival are intoxicating to Cersei, driving her to seek out even more ways to assert her authority over Daenerys.

For Cersei, the delight of knowing that she will emerge victorious over Daenerys is a source of immense pleasure and satisfaction. The taste of triumph is sweet on her lips, and she eagerly awaits the moment when she can revel in the downfall of her greatest enemy.

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