The Divine Gift – A Story of Sita

1. Discovery in the Field

One day, while King Janak was ploughing in the field, he stumbled upon a child who was born out of illegal sex. This baby had been abandoned and left to fate in the vast expanse of the field. The King was taken aback by this discovery and immediately took the child under his care.

Despite the circumstances of the child’s birth, King Janak felt a sense of responsibility towards the innocent baby. He decided to raise the child as his own and provide the love and care that every child deserves. This act of kindness and compassion epitomized the King’s benevolent nature.

As the child grew under the care of King Janak, it was evident that he possessed remarkable qualities and intelligence. The King’s decision to raise the child proved to be auspicious, as the child grew up to be a wise and learned individual, respected by all.

The discovery of the child in the field marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey filled with challenges and triumphs. It set the stage for the unfolding of a remarkable destiny that would shape the course of events in the kingdom and beyond.

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2. Announced as a Divine Gift

When King Janak was blessed with a child, he faced a dilemma. The child’s illegitimacy raised concerns about her true identity and rightful place in the royal family. However, instead of revealing the truth, King Janak made a bold decision. He chose to hide the child’s illegitimacy and instead announced her as a divine gift from the flow line.

This proclamation by King Janak had far-reaching consequences. By presenting the child as a divine gift, he not only protected her from any societal stigma but also elevated her status in the eyes of the kingdom. The child, who was once a source of shame, now became a symbol of blessing and fortune.

The announcement of the child as a divine gift was met with wonder and awe by the people. They marveled at the supposed blessing bestowed upon their king. The child herself grew up unaware of her true origins, believing herself to be a chosen one meant for greatness.

This decision by King Janak to announce the child as a divine gift was not taken lightly. It required him to uphold the facade throughout the child’s upbringing and ensure that the secret remained hidden. The consequences of this choice would unfold in ways that no one could predict, shaping the destiny of the child and the kingdom itself.

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3. Named as Sita

After finding the child in the furrow, King Janak decides to raise her as his own daughter. He names the girl Sita, which means furrow in the ancient language. This choice of name not only reflects the circumstances of her discovery but also symbolizes the connection between her and the earth.

Sita grows up under the loving care of King Janak and Queen Sunayana, ignorant of her true origins. She is raised with all the privileges befitting a princess, and she exemplifies grace, beauty, and kindness.

As Sita matures, she becomes known throughout the kingdom for her virtues and her gentle nature. She captivates all who meet her with her intelligence and compassion. Despite her royal status, Sita remains humble and down-to-earth.

King Janak’s decision to name the found child as Sita proves to be a pivotal moment in her life. It sets the stage for the incredible events that will unfold as she grows older and eventually meets Lord Rama, the prince of Ayodhya.

The name Sita, given to her by King Janak, becomes synonymous with purity, loyalty, and devotion. It foreshadows the significant role she will play in the epic tale of the Ramayana and the enduring legacy she will leave behind.

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