The Disastrous Super Mario 64 Speedrun Attempt

1. Prologue

After a brief training session, Mario makes the decision to embark on a speedrun of Super Mario 64 on the computer. Fueled by determination and a desire to achieve the fastest completion time possible, Mario sets out on this challenging task. As he navigates through familiar levels and faces off against iconic enemies, the pressure is on to execute precise movements and strategies to shave off precious seconds from his overall time.

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2. Intro Cutscene and Castle Mario

Upon starting the game, players are treated to an exciting cutscene that sets the stage for the adventure ahead. As the scene unfolds, Mario is shown facing various challenges that he must overcome in order to progress through the castle.

From dodging fireballs to outsmarting enemies, Mario must use his platforming skills to navigate through the intricately designed levels of Castle Mario. With each challenge he successfully completes, Mario moves closer to his ultimate goal of rescuing Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser.

Players will find themselves immersed in the rich and colorful world of Castle Mario, filled with hidden secrets and surprises waiting to be discovered. Along the way, they will encounter familiar faces such as Toad and Yoshi, who provide valuable assistance and guidance to help Mario on his quest.

As players progress through the castle, they will encounter increasingly difficult obstacles that test their reflexes and problem-solving abilities. Whether swinging from ropes, bouncing on trampolines, or navigating treacherous platforms, Mario must use all of his skills to overcome each challenge that stands in his way.

With each level completed, players will feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as they watch Mario inch closer to his final showdown with Bowser. The intro cutscene and Castle Mario serve as the perfect introduction to the game, setting the tone for the epic journey that lies ahead.

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3. Bob-omb Battlefield

Mario faces obstacles and enemies in Bob-omb Battlefield while attempting to collect stars.

Mario’s Challenges

In Bob-omb Battlefield, Mario encounters various challenges that test his agility, problem-solving skills, and combat abilities. From dodging Bullet Bills to avoiding falling boulders, Mario must navigate the battlefield carefully to proceed.

Enemy Encounters

Bob-omb Battlefield is filled with enemies that Mario must defeat or bypass to reach his goal. Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Bob-ombs are just a few of the adversaries standing in Mario’s way. Each enemy presents a unique threat that Mario must overcome.

Collecting Stars

Throughout Bob-omb Battlefield, Mario’s main objective is to collect stars scattered across the landscape. These stars serve as the key to unlocking new areas and progressing through the game. Mario must strategize and use his skills to gather all the stars in the level.

Exploration and Strategy

To succeed in Bob-omb Battlefield, players must explore the level thoroughly and devise a strategy to overcome each obstacle and enemy they encounter. Whether it’s climbing mountains or outsmarting a Chain Chomp, strategic thinking is essential in this challenging environment.

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4. Inside the Castle

As Mario ventures further into the castle, a sudden and unexpected event takes place. The air becomes heavy with an eerie presence, and a mysterious figure appears before him. The figure emanates a strange energy, causing Mario to feel a mix of fear and curiosity.

Without warning, the figure speaks cryptic words that send shivers down Mario’s spine. It seems to know something about Mario, something that he himself is not fully aware of. The atmosphere within the castle shifts, and Mario realizes that he is in the presence of a powerful being.

As Mario tries to make sense of the situation, the consequences of this encounter begin to unfold. The mysterious figure reveals a prophecy that will have a significant impact on Mario’s journey. It becomes clear that Mario’s fate is intricately tied to the events unfolding inside the castle.

Conflicted and unsure of what lies ahead, Mario must now navigate through the twists and turns of fate that have been set into motion. The outcome of this encounter will shape the path that Mario must walk, testing his resolve and courage like never before.

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5. Whomp Fortress

Mario finds himself in a challenging situation as he attempts to navigate through Whomp Fortress. The fortress is filled with obstacles and enemies that make it difficult for him to proceed. Whomps and Thwomps are constantly in his way, requiring precise timing and quick reflexes to avoid being crushed.

As Mario progresses through the fortress, he faces numerous difficulties in obtaining the stars scattered throughout the level. Some stars are located in hard-to-reach places, while others require him to solve complex puzzles or defeat powerful enemies. Mario must use all of his skills and abilities to overcome these challenges and collect the stars.

Despite the obstacles he faces, Mario perseveres and continues to explore Whomp Fortress in search of more stars. Each star he collects brings him one step closer to his ultimate goal of rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches.

With determination and persistence, Mario gradually gains control over the fortress and eventually masters its challenges. By the time he has collected all of the stars in Whomp Fortress, he emerges victorious, ready to face whatever obstacles lie ahead in his quest.

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6. Cool, Cool Mountain

Chaos ensues as Mario tries to complete challenges in Cool, Cool Mountain, facing unexpected obstacles.

Mario finds himself in the serene but icy landscape of Cool, Cool Mountain. The peaceful setting quickly transforms into a chaotic mess as he encounters challenging obstacles that test his skills to the limit. As Mario navigates through the frigid terrain, he must face slippery ice patches, treacherous cliffs, and mischievous snowmen determined to impede his progress.

Despite the difficult terrain, Mario remains determined to complete the tasks set before him. He must race down a slick, winding slide, leap across perilous gaps, and carefully maneuver through narrow passages. The unexpected challenges keep Mario on his toes, requiring quick thinking and precise movements to overcome each obstacle.

As Mario progresses through Cool, Cool Mountain, the chaos only intensifies. He must outwit cunning enemies, solve intricate puzzles, and endure the unpredictable weather conditions of the mountain. Each challenge brings new surprises and obstacles that push Mario to his limits.

Through persistence and skillful gameplay, Mario eventually conquers Cool, Cool Mountain, emerging victorious despite the chaos that initially threatened to derail his journey. As he moves on to the next adventure, Mario carries with him the lessons learned from facing unexpected challenges and the satisfaction of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.

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7. Bowser in the Dark World

Mario finds himself face to face with his ultimate foe, Bowser, in the treacherous Dark World. The battle ahead is fierce and full of challenges, but Mario is determined to emerge victorious. Bowser, the formidable king, stands in Mario’s way, ready to unleash his power and might.

As the battle begins, Mario must utilize all of his skills and knowledge to defeat Bowser. He carefully selects his tactics, planning his moves strategically to outsmart the king. Mario jumps, dodges, and attacks with precision, always staying one step ahead of Bowser’s relentless attacks.

Throughout the battle, Mario faces a series of obstacles and challenges. He must navigate through treacherous terrain, avoiding deadly traps and hazards while keeping his focus on the ultimate goal of defeating Bowser. Mario’s determination and courage never waver, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Finally, after a grueling battle, Mario’s perseverance pays off. With a final, decisive blow, Bowser is defeated, and Mario emerges victorious. The Dark World is saved, and peace is restored once again. Mario’s strength, courage, and unwavering spirit have proven to be the key to overcoming the ultimate challenge of facing Bowser in the Dark World.

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8. Castle Lower Floor

As Mario progresses through the lower floor of the castle, he encounters locked doors that hinder his progress. To continue his journey, he must search for alternative routes and solutions to unlock these doors.

Throughout this section, Mario will need to explore the various rooms and hallways of the lower floor, solving puzzles and defeating enemies along the way. He may come across hidden passages, keys, or other items that will help him unlock the doors and move forward in his quest.

Players must strategize and think critically to overcome the obstacles in this section. By carefully observing their surroundings and experimenting with different approaches, they can uncover the secrets of the castle’s lower floor and uncover its mysteries.

From avoiding traps to outsmarting enemies, Mario must use all of his skills and abilities to navigate the challenging terrain of the castle. With determination and perseverance, he can ultimately unlock the doors and progress to the next stage of his adventure.

As Mario explores the twists and turns of the castle’s lower floor, players will be engaged in a thrilling and immersive experience. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from overcoming obstacles and advancing through the level will keep players engaged and eager to continue their journey.

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9. Bowser in the Fire Sea

As Mario journeyed through the treacherous lava-filled world of the Fire Sea, his determination to rescue Princess Peach only grew stronger. He knew that the final showdown with Bowser awaited him, a battle of epic proportions that would test his skills to the limit.

Upon reaching the heart of the Fire Sea, Mario came face to face with Bowser, his fiery nemesis. The heat of the lava below them only added to the intensity of the moment, but Mario stood his ground, ready to fight for his beloved princess.

Bowser, with his massive size and powerful attacks, proved to be a formidable opponent. But Mario was nimble and quick, dodging Bowser’s fire breath and tail swipes with expert precision. He countered with his own array of jumps and punches, slowly wearing Bowser down with each successful hit.

For what seemed like an eternity, Mario and Bowser clashed in a fierce battle that shook the very foundations of the Fire Sea. The intense heat and constant threat of danger only fueled Mario’s determination to emerge victorious, no matter the cost.

Finally, after a grueling struggle, Bowser could no longer stand against Mario’s unwavering resolve. With one final, heroic leap, Mario sent Bowser tumbling into the fiery depths below, saving Princess Peach and bringing peace back to the Mushroom Kingdom once more.

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10. Castle Upper Floor and Bowser in the Sky

As Mario ascends to the upper floor of the castle, he knows that the final showdown with Bowser is just moments away. The pressure is on as he races against the ticking clock, pushing himself to the limit to reach the ultimate confrontation.

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11. Ending Cutscene (Epilogue)

After all his hard work and determination, Mario’s speedrun attempt ultimately ends in failure. The timer stops, indicating that he did not beat the record time. Mario looks disappointed, shaking his head in disbelief.

Just then, a familiar figure approaches him. It’s none other than Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario himself. Miyamoto chuckles at Mario’s failed attempt, amused by the turn of events. Mario can’t help but smile at the unexpected encounter.

“Looks like you were just a few seconds short,” Miyamoto teases, patting Mario on the back. Mario laughs, knowing that he gave it his all. Despite not achieving his goal, he is content with the journey and the lessons he learned along the way.

The two of them engage in a lighthearted conversation, reminiscing about past adventures and discussing the challenges of speedrunning. Miyamoto offers words of encouragement to Mario, reminding him that success is not just about the destination, but also the experiences gained during the journey.

As the sun sets in the distance, Mario and Miyamoto bid farewell. Mario walks away with a newfound sense of determination, ready to take on new challenges and continue pushing his limits. The ending cutscene may not have been what he expected, but it was a reminder that sometimes, the greatest victories come from the most unexpected places.

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