The Devolution of Wonder Woman

1. Wonder Woman’s Confrontation

As Wonder Woman faces Gorilla Grodd in a fierce showdown, the powerful villain cunningly traps her in his devolution chamber. The malicious Grodd’s plan is to transform the courageous heroine into a primitive gorilla, intending to make her his mate and the bearer of his offspring.

Caught in the clutches of Grodd’s devious scheme, Wonder Woman must use all her strength, intelligence, and determination to escape this perilous situation. Will she be able to outsmart the villain and free herself from the confines of the devolution chamber before it’s too late?

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The Global Devolution Wave

Following the successful devolution of Wonder Woman by Gorilla Grodd, a devastating turn of events occurs as Grodd activates a powerful machine that unleashes a wave of devolving energy that sweeps across the globe. This wave indiscriminately targets all living beings it encounters, transforming them into fat, dumb gorillas.

The repercussions of this global devolution wave are catastrophic as cities once bustling with human activity are now inhabited by these newly transformed gorillas. Chaos ensues as societies collapse and the world as we know it is plunged into disarray.

Gorilla Grodd’s sinister plan of global devolution has far-reaching consequences, altering the course of history and threatening the very fabric of civilization. As the transformed gorillas struggle to adapt to their new identities, a sense of fear and uncertainty grips the world.

In the wake of this unprecedented crisis, a glimmer of hope emerges as a small group of untransformed individuals band together to find a way to reverse the effects of the devolution wave and restore humanity to its rightful state. Will they succeed in overcoming Grodd’s malevolent scheme, or is the world doomed to remain in the clutches of the global devolution wave?

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The Daily Planet Transformation

As the wave crashes into the Daily Planet, chaos erupts as everyone inside is transformed into fat gorillas. Lois Lane, typically the epitome of grace and poise, is no exception to this bizarre transformation. The once bustling newsroom is now filled with the sounds of grunts and the sight of hairy bodies moving around clumsily.

Chaos Ensues

The chaos that ensues is overwhelming as the transformed individuals try to make sense of their new bodies and the situation at hand. Some panic, some try to communicate with their new gorilla-like voices, and others simply wander around in confusion. The entire building is in disarray, with papers flying everywhere and the once pristine desks now covered in gorilla fur.

Acceptance Among the Transformed

Despite the initial shock and confusion, a sense of acceptance slowly starts to spread among the transformed individuals. They begin to communicate with each other using their new forms of communication, finding ways to navigate their new reality as fat gorillas. Bonds are formed as they work together to overcome the challenges that come with their transformation.

In the end, the Daily Planet may look different with its gorilla inhabitants, but a newfound sense of unity and camaraderie emerges among the formerly human staff. The chaos has given way to acceptance, and the transformed individuals embrace their new identities with a sense of resilience and determination.

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4. The Devolved Justice League


Gorilla Grodd has successfully devolved the Justice League into gorillas, transforming them into his obedient guards. Superman, Batman, The Flash, and others find themselves stripped of their human forms, now forced to serve Grodd’s evil purposes as part of his gorilla army.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane make a shocking discovery as they are led into a chamber filled with other pregnant gorillas. The two heroines exchange worried glances as they realize the extent of Grodd’s twisted experiments. Is this part of his plan to create a new army of super-powered gorillas? And what fate awaits Wonder Woman and Lois Lane in this strange and dangerous environment?

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5. Mindless Servitude

After their transformation, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, and the other formerly heroic figures find themselves in a state of mindless servitude. They no longer possess their previous intelligence, strength, or willpower. Instead, they are content to serve their new leader, Gorilla Grodd, without question or hesitation.

Gorilla Grodd’s hold over them is strong, bending their minds to his will and making them loyal followers. They no longer possess the ability to think for themselves or to resist his commands. They perform their tasks without thought, their actions programmed and automatic.

Despite their once powerful positions and strong personalities, they now exist solely to fulfill Grodd’s desires. Wonder Woman, who once fought for justice and equality, now acts as a mindless soldier in Grodd’s army. Lois Lane, the fearless reporter, now serves as Grodd’s spy, gathering information for him without question.

This state of mindless servitude is a stark contrast to the heroes they once were, highlighting the extent of Grodd’s control over them. Their new roles as obedient servants underscore the power that Grodd wields and the danger he poses to anyone who dares to defy him.

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