The Devious Plan

1. Sita, Ravan, and Marich Conspire

As tensions rise between Ram and Ravan, Sita finds herself caught in the middle. Feeling neglected and unappreciated by Ram, she starts to entertain the advances of Ravan, who has been plotting ways to win her over. Marich, a sly and cunning demon, sees an opportunity to cause chaos and destruction.

Together, Sita, Ravan, and Marich devise a plan to lure Sita away from the safety of Ram and Laxman in Panchavati. They scheme late into the night, their whispers filled with dark intentions and deceit. Sita, blinded by her own desires and disillusioned with her current situation, agrees to go along with their dangerous plot.

Under the cover of darkness, Ravan and Marich make their move, approaching Sita with honeyed words and promises of a better life. Sita, torn between loyalty to Ram and her own longing for freedom and adventure, hesitates for a moment before succumbing to the temptation that Ravan presents.

Unbeknownst to her, this decision will set off a chain of events that will ultimately lead to a great war and the loss of many lives. The seeds of betrayal and treachery have been sown, and the consequences will be devastating for all involved.

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