The Devastation of Tolga’s Irreplaceable College Diploma

1. Damage Inflicted by Female Employees

Several female employees unintentionally caused damage to Tolga’s college diploma by stepping on it with their heels and feet. However, the most significant harm was done by Esin’s pumps, which crushed the diploma more severely than the others. The diploma, which held great sentimental value to Tolga, was now marred and wrinkled beyond repair. The impact of this incident on Tolga’s emotions and morale was profound, as it represented years of hard work and dedication. Despite the accidental nature of the damage, the irreversible harm done to the diploma left Tolga feeling a sense of loss and disappointment.

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2. Tolga’s Devastation

Tolga experiences a heart-wrenching moment as he stands helplessly watching his hard-earned diploma being viciously torn apart by Esin. The sound of the paper tearing echoes through his mind, a physical representation of his dreams being shattered into irreparable pieces. The once proud symbol of his accomplishments now lies in tatters, symbolizing the destruction of his professional reputation.

Esin’s devious act sets off a chain reaction of events that leave Tolga feeling humiliated and powerless in the office. Co-workers exchange knowing glances, some suppressing smirks as they witness his downfall. Tolga’s confidence, once unwavering, crumbles like the diploma in Esin’s hands. He can feel the weight of judgment bearing down on him, the whispers of doubt and ridicule growing louder with each passing moment.

As Tolga tries to salvage what little remains of his dignity, he realizes that this act of destruction goes beyond mere paper. It is a deliberate attack on his identity, designed to strip him of his pride and self-worth. The once harmonious office environment now feels suffocating, as Tolga grapples with the harsh reality that his reputation may never fully recover from this devastating blow.

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3. The Daunting Task Ahead

As Tolga finds himself in a situation he never imagined, the once proud college graduate is now facing a daunting task each day. Forced to buy shoes for Esin and massage her feet regularly, his status has significantly diminished. The responsibilities he now carries were never part of his plans, and the weight of them is taking a toll on his sense of pride and independence.

Buying shoes for Esin has become a routine chore that he must complete, despite his reluctance and internal frustration. The act of choosing the right pair of shoes, ensuring they fit correctly, and meeting her preferences has become a dreaded obligation that he cannot escape.

Additionally, massaging Esin’s feet daily is a physical and emotional strain for Tolga. The constant pressure to fulfill this task with care and precision, even if it goes against his own desires, is a stark reminder of how much his life has changed. It is a humbling experience that forces him to set aside his own needs and desires in order to attend to Esin’s.

As Tolga navigates this new reality, his perception of success and accomplishment is being challenged. The once clear path he envisioned for himself is now clouded by the unexpected responsibilities he must bear, leading him to question his own identity and purpose.

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4. Slow Destruction Inside Her Shoes

As Tolga goes about his day, he cannot help but notice how his hard-earned diploma is gradually deteriorating inside Esin’s shoes. Every time she slips them on, his name, proof of his accomplishment, is subjected to the harsh environment inside her footwear. The constant exposure to sweat and friction slowly erodes the ink, causing his name to fade away bit by bit.

This daily scene is a poignant reminder to Tolga of the transient nature of success and the fragility of achievements. The gradual disintegration of his diploma serves as a metaphor for the uncertainty and impermanence of life. Just as his name is disappearing under Esin’s feet, so too can his hard work and efforts be easily forgotten and undone by the passage of time.

Despite the sadness that comes with watching his diploma slowly vanish, Tolga is also reminded of the importance of resilience and perseverance. He understands that despite the inevitable wear and tear of life, he must continue to strive and work towards his goals, knowing that true success lies not in the accolades themselves, but in the journey and the resilience gained along the way.

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5. Crushing of Other Memories

As Tolga takes on the role of the office’s shoe buyer and feet massager for all the women, his other memories and souvenirs suffer a similar fate – being crushed beneath their heels. This act of dominance by the women in the office leads to further humiliation for Tolga, as his past experiences and sentimental items are disregarded and trampled upon.

Each time Tolga bows down to fit a shoe or kneels to massage a pair of tired feet, he is reminded of the power dynamics in the office. The women, by making him their designated shoe buyer and feet massager, not only assert their authority over him but also show a blatant disregard for his personal history and memories.

As the days pass, Tolga’s once cherished mementos become relics of a past life, now reduced to a mere stepping stone for the women in the office. The crushing of his other memories serves as a constant reminder of his submissive position in the workplace hierarchy, reinforcing his humiliation and powerlessness.

Despite the painful experience of seeing his memories crushed beneath the heels of his colleagues, Tolga continues to fulfill his duties, hoping to regain some semblance of respect and dignity in the eyes of his coworkers. However, the weight of their indifference and dominance grows heavier with each passing day, further deepening Tolga’s sense of shame and degradation.

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