The Devastation of Tolga’s College Diploma

1. Destruction of Tolga’s College Diploma

Tolga’s prized college diploma met a tragic fate as it was crushed under the feet and heels of the female employees. Unbeknownst to them, the once cherished symbol of achievement was reduced to crumpled pieces on the floor. The worst damage came from Esin’s worn nail pumps, as she obliviously stomped on the diploma for over 15 minutes, unknowingly adding insult to injury.

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2. Tearing of the Diploma

As the tension between Esin and Tolga reaches its peak, Esin’s pent-up anger explodes. Without a second thought, she raises her foot and brings it down with a forceful stomp on the framed diploma hanging on the wall. The sound of cracking glass fills the room as the diploma shatters into two pieces, mirroring the shattered state of Tolga’s heart.

Tolga’s eyes widen in shock as he watches the cherished symbol of his hard work and achievements being torn apart in front of him. The realization of the irreparable damage hits him like a sudden wave, leaving him paralyzed with disbelief. Esin’s actions have not only destroyed a physical object but have also severed a bond, breaking trust and crushing hopes for a shared future.

The torn diploma now serves as a stark reminder of the fractured relationship between Esin and Tolga. The once proud display of academic success lies in ruins on the floor, symbolizing the destruction of something much deeper and profound. It is not just a piece of paper torn in two; it is a manifestation of broken dreams and dashed aspirations.

Esin’s act of tearing the diploma with her heels not only shocks Tolga but also serves as a stark representation of the irreparable damage caused by anger and resentment. The aftermath of this impulsive gesture leaves Tolga with a heavy heart and a sense of loss that goes beyond the physical realm.

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3. Diploma Inside Esin’s Shoes

Upon closer inspection, Tolga’s diploma was discovered firmly attached to the insoles of Esin’s work heels. These shoes, with their distinctive stench from long hours of wear, now held a secret that could jeopardize Tolga’s job. Esin wasted no time in using this compromising information to her advantage, issuing a threatening ultimatum.

Tolga found himself in a difficult position, torn between losing his job and complying with Esin’s demand to purchase her shoes. The dilemma weighed heavily on his mind, as the consequences of either choice could have a significant impact on his future.

As Tolga grappled with the decision before him, the absurdity of the situation was not lost on him. How could a simple pair of shoes hold so much power over his professional life? Yet, the reality of the situation was undeniable, and Tolga knew that he would need to tread carefully in order to navigate this unexpected turn of events.

With time ticking away and pressure mounting, Tolga faced a tough choice that would test his resolve and ingenuity. Would he be able to find a way out of this predicament, or would he be forced to succumb to Esin’s demands, risking his career in the process?

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4. Diploma’s Slow Disintegration

As time goes by, Tolga’s cherished diploma begins its slow journey towards disintegration, tucked away inside Esin’s shoes. The once pristine paper shows signs of wear and tear, with Tolga’s name gradually fading away under the constant pressure of Esin’s sweaty feet.

Every step Esin takes unknowingly contributes to the diploma’s demise, the friction rubbing away at Tolga’s hard-earned achievement. The edges of the paper curl slightly, a visible reminder of its prolonged confinement within the shoes.

Despite the diploma’s gradual disintegration, its significance remains intact in Tolga’s memory. The fading letters may symbolize the passage of time, but the knowledge and effort represented by the document continue to hold value.

Through this unexpected deterioration, Tolga is reminded of the impermanence of physical objects. The slow disintegration of his diploma serves as a metaphor for the transient nature of life itself, highlighting the importance of treasuring moments and accomplishments before they fade away.

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5. Becoming a Shoe Buyer and Feet Massager

After a series of unfortunate events, Tolga finds himself in a peculiar position at the office – he becomes the designated shoe buyer and feet massager for all the women in the office. At first, Tolga tries to resist this unexpected role, but eventually, he reluctantly accepts his fate.

As the shoe buyer, Tolga is tasked with purchasing all kinds of shoes for the women in the office, ranging from heels to flats to sneakers. Despite his best efforts to select the most comfortable and stylish shoes, Tolga often faces criticism and ridicule from the women, who are quick to point out any flaws or shortcomings in his choices.

On top of his duties as the shoe buyer, Tolga is also expected to provide daily feet massages for the women in the office. This task proves to be even more challenging for Tolga, as he struggles to keep up with the high demands and expectations of his colleagues.

Throughout this section, Tolga’s self-esteem takes a hit as he is constantly subjected to humiliation and abuse by the women in the office. His once cherished memories are crushed under their metaphorical heels, leaving him feeling defeated and powerless.

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