The Destruction of Tolga’s Diploma

1. Discovering the Damage

One day, Tolga found himself in a shoe store, admiring the woman who stood in front of him. As he reached into his bag to retrieve his Boğaziçi University diploma, it accidentally slipped from his grasp and fell to the floor. With a sinking feeling, he watched as the woman unknowingly stepped on it with various shoes, causing irreparable damage.

The once-pristine diploma now bore the marks of the woman’s unintentional footsteps. Tolga felt a mix of emotions – frustration at his carelessness, regret at the situation, and a twinge of admiration for the woman who had unwittingly brought about this unfortunate mishap.

As he picked up the damaged diploma, Tolga knew that it could never be fully restored to its original state. The creases and smudges were a physical reminder of the unexpected turn of events that had unfolded in the shoe store that day.

Tolga’s heart sank as he realized the extent of the damage. The woman he admired had left her mark on his diploma in a way he could have never imagined. This unexpected turn of events would set off a chain of events that would forever alter the course of his life.

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2. Trying on Shoes

As Esin tries on different pairs of shoes, her movements unknowingly worsen the damage to Tolga’s diploma, leading to further destruction.

After finishing her conversation with Tolga, Esin decided to try on some shoes that caught her eye in the store. She carefully walked over to the shoe display and delicately picked up a pair to try on. As she slipped her foot into the first shoe, she didn’t realize that her movements were causing the diploma hanging on the nearby wall to sway.

With each new pair of shoes that Esin tried on, her gestures became more animated, unknowingly creating a breeze strong enough to knock the diploma off the wall. The frame crashed to the ground, shattering into pieces, as Tolga’s prized possession lay destroyed at Esin’s feet.

Esin gasped in shock, realizing the destruction she had caused. She quickly bent down to pick up the pieces, feeling guilty for the accident that occurred while she was just innocently trying on shoes.

The once pristine diploma was now in tatters, a casualty of Esin’s unintended actions. Tolga’s expression was a mix of surprise and disappointment as he surveyed the damage, unsure of how to react to the situation.

As they both stood in silence, Esin knew she had to make it right. She apologized profusely to Tolga, offering to help repair or replace the ruined diploma in any way she could.

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3. Diploma in Danger

Esin makes a careless decision to store Tolga’s diploma in her well-worn stiletto heels. The diploma, already showing signs of wear, begins to deteriorate further as she wears them day after day.

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4. An Unthinkable Agreement

Esin insists that Tolga cover the costs of her shoe purchases in exchange for giving back his diploma, setting off a series of events that end in disaster and shame.

With Esin’s unreasonable demand, Tolga finds himself caught in a dilemma. Reluctantly agreeing to her terms, Tolga starts financing Esin’s extravagant shoe purchases, hoping to retrieve his diploma. However, as the expenses pile up, Tolga realizes the extent of his mistake.

The agreement takes a toll on Tolga’s finances, pushing him to the brink of bankruptcy. His once-promising career prospects now seem bleak as he struggles to keep up with Esin’s exorbitant demands. Embarrassed by the situation, Tolga feels humiliated and powerless.

As the situation escalates, Tolga’s desperation grows. With no end in sight, he begins to question the sanity of the agreement he made with Esin. What started as a seemingly simple trade-off has now turned into a nightmare, threatening to destroy both his financial stability and his self-respect.

The unthinkable agreement that Esin proposed has become a burden too heavy to bear, leading Tolga down a path of destruction and regret. How will Tolga extricate himself from this disastrous deal and reclaim his lost dignity?

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5. Gradual Destruction

Each day, Tolga’s diploma suffers more damage as it remains trapped inside Esin’s sweaty and smelly work heels, leaving Tolga feeling helpless and defeated.

As the days go by, Tolga’s diploma is subjected to increasing harm while being confined within Esin’s moist and odorous work footwear. With each passing moment, the once-pristine document is slowly deteriorating, showcasing visible signs of wear and tear. The relentless exposure to Esin’s perspiration and odor is gradually causing the paper to warp and discolor, leaving Tolga filled with a sense of despair and resignation.

The helplessness that Tolga experiences is overwhelming as he witnesses the gradual destruction of his hard-earned diploma. Despite his efforts to salvage it from its unfortunate confinement, the relentless damage continues to take its toll. Each day brings new challenges and setbacks, further diminishing the value and significance of the once-important document.

Tolga’s emotions oscillate between frustration and sadness as he grapples with the realization that his diploma may never be restored to its former glory. The feeling of defeat weighs heavily on him, accentuated by the constant reminder of the diploma’s deterioration. The situation seems bleak, with no clear solution in sight.

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