The Deserter

1. Can’s Decision

Can finds himself overwhelmed with emotion as he faces his friend Kien. The weight of his secret plan to desert the war and visit his dying mother becomes too much to bear. He breaks down, unable to keep his feelings hidden any longer. In a moment of vulnerability, Can confesses his true intentions to Kien, revealing the internal struggle he has been facing.

The decision to leave his post and risk the consequences of desertion weighs heavily on Can’s mind. Despite the fear of being caught and punished for his actions, the thought of not being by his mother’s side in her final moments is unbearable. The inner turmoil Can experiences is evident in the raw emotion he displays to Kien.

As Can grapples with the conflicting desires to fulfill his duty as a soldier and to be present for his family, he seeks solace in confiding in his friend. The act of sharing his burden with Kien provides a moment of catharsis for Can, allowing him to release the pent-up emotions that have been consuming him.

Can’s decision to divulge his plan to desert the war reflects the internal struggle he faces between loyalty to his country and love for his family. The emotional conversation with Kien marks a pivotal moment in Can’s journey, as he navigates the difficult choice that lies ahead.

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2. Kien’s Dilemma

Kien finds himself in a difficult situation as he grapples with the moral dilemma of whether to let his friend desert the army or not. His friend, who has grown weary of the constant fighting and loss of life, has come to Kien seeking help in escaping the battlefield and starting a new life elsewhere.

As Kien weighs his options, he considers the potential consequences of aiding his friend in deserting. He knows that desertion is a serious offense in the army and that both he and his friend could face severe punishment if caught. On the other hand, Kien sympathizes with his friend’s desires for a peaceful life away from the horrors of war.

Ultimately, Kien is torn between loyalty to his friend and loyalty to his duty as a soldier. He understands the risks involved in helping his friend desert, but he also struggles with the idea of betraying a comrade in need. The decision weighs heavily on Kien’s mind as he grapples with the implications of his choice.

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3. The Departure

Can makes the final decision to leave, despite Kien’s warnings, and heads off into the unknown.

The Final Decision

After much contemplation, Can finally decides to embark on the journey he has been dreaming of for years. Despite Kien’s warnings and concerns, Can is determined to follow his heart and explore what lies beyond.

Heading into the Unknown

With a mix of excitement and nerves, Can sets off on his adventure into the unknown. The path ahead is unclear, but Can is ready to face whatever challenges and surprises come his way. As he takes the first steps away from his familiar surroundings, Can feels a sense of freedom and anticipation building within him.

Embracing the Risk

Leaving behind the safety of his home, Can knows that he is taking a risk by venturing into the unfamiliar territory. However, he is willing to embrace the uncertainty and push himself beyond his comfort zone in search of new experiences and opportunities.

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4. The Aftermath

As Kien sits in his empty apartment, the weight of his decision to let Can go settles heavily on his shoulders. He cannot help but replay the events leading up to this moment in his mind, questioning whether he made the right choice. Letting Can go was not an easy decision, but Kien knew deep down that it was for the best.

He reflects on the impact that this decision may have on both of their lives in the future. Will Can be able to move on and find happiness without him? Will Kien himself be able to find peace with his choice? These questions haunt him as he tries to come to terms with the aftermath of their separation.

Kien knows that letting Can go was an act of love, even though it may not feel that way in the moment. He understands that sometimes the most loving thing we can do for someone is to let them go, even if it means sacrificing our own happiness in the process. As he looks towards the future, Kien can only hope that both he and Can will find the peace and happiness they deserve.

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