The Deserted Soldier

1. The Abandonment

Nearing his hut, Kien realizes his friend Can has deserted the regiment. Fearing Can may betray their secrets, Kien is filled with sorrow and searches for him in the rain.

As Kien approached his hut, a sinking feeling set in as he noticed the absence of his friend Can. The realization that Can had abandoned the regiment struck him like a bolt of lightning. Kien’s mind raced with thoughts of the potential consequences of Can’s betrayal. The secrets they shared could now be exposed, putting not only themselves but the entire regiment in grave danger.

With a heavy heart, Kien braved the pouring rain, determined to find his friend and uncover the truth behind his sudden departure. The sound of raindrops pounding on the ground matched the turmoil in Kien’s mind as he retraced Can’s footsteps, hoping to understand the reasons for his actions.

The feeling of sorrow and betrayal weighed heavily on Kien as he trudged through the muddy terrain, his thoughts consumed by the uncertainty of Can’s intentions. Each step brought him closer to the truth, yet the answers seemed to slip further away with every passing moment.

In the midst of the storm, Kien’s determination to find Can remained unwavering. The bond they shared, once strong and unbreakable, now faced the ultimate test of loyalty and trust. Will Kien be able to confront Can and uncover the secrets that threaten to tear their friendship apart?

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2. The Search

After days of relentless searching, the military police manage to locate Can. He is discovered in a desolate area, far from his hometown of Binh Luc. The circumstances surrounding his presence in this remote location present a series of challenges and obstacles that must be overcome.

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3. The Letter

As the regiment prepares to leave the Jungle of Screaming Souls, the men receive mail from their families. Can’s mother sends a heartfelt letter, expressing her love and hope for his safe return.

Can’s hands trembled as he held the letter from his mother. The sight of her familiar handwriting brought a surge of emotions that he found hard to contain. The scents of home seemed to waft from the paper, instantly transporting him back to the comforts of his childhood.

Opening the letter, Can’s eyes scanned the sentences, each word a treasure to his weary soul. His mother’s words were like balm to his heart, offering comfort and reassurance in the midst of the chaos of war.

“My dearest Can,” the letter began, “I pray for your safety every night and day, longing for the moment when you will return to us. Your absence weighs heavy on my heart, but I find solace in the knowledge that you are fighting for a noble cause.”

Tears welled up in Can’s eyes, emotion choking his voice as he read on. His mother’s letter was a lifeline, a reminder of the love that awaited him beyond the battlefield. It gave him strength and renewed determination to persevere, knowing that he was fighting not just for his country, but for the family he held dear.

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