The Demon Mistress of Fairbourne Manor

1. The Tragedy

After the tragic death of Viktoria Fairbourne’s parents, she finds herself in a vulnerable
position. Luckily, her loyal demon butler, Henry, steps in to save her from further harm. In a
desperate attempt to protect Viktoria, Henry transforms her into a demon, forever altering her

Viktoria’s world is shattered by the sudden loss of her parents. As she grieves, Henry’s
presence becomes a source of comfort and strength. His unwavering loyalty and quick thinking
save Viktoria from a similar fate, but at a great cost. By turning her into a demon, Henry
ensures that Viktoria is no longer a helpless human, but a powerful being capable of defending

The transformation marks the beginning of a new chapter in Viktoria’s life. She must navigate
the challenges of her newfound identity while coming to terms with the tragedy that brought
about this change. Embracing her demon nature, Viktoria sets out on a journey of self-discovery
and growth, guided by Henry’s wisdom and protection.

With Henry by her side, Viktoria learns to harness her inner strength and face the
uncertainties that lie ahead. The tragedy that once threatened to consume her now serves as a
catalyst for transformation, propelling Viktoria into a world where demons and humans coexist in
a delicate balance.

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2. The New Mistress

After inheriting Fairbourne Manor, Viktoria became the new mistress of the estate. Determined to keep her demon identity a secret, she only confided in Henry, her trusted ally, and her three closest servants. Viktoria knew the importance of maintaining this secret to protect herself and those around her from potential harm.

As the new mistress, Viktoria took on the responsibilities of managing the manor, overseeing the staff, and ensuring the estate ran smoothly. She used her demon abilities discreetly to assist with her duties, never revealing the source of her supernatural powers.

Viktoria’s relationship with Henry deepened as they worked together to navigate the challenges of running Fairbourne Manor. Henry served as her confidant and advisor, offering support and guidance in times of need. The bond between them grew stronger as they shared the burden of keeping Viktoria’s true nature hidden from the world.

Despite the pressures of her new role, Viktoria found solace in the companionship of her three favorite servants. They remained loyal and devoted to her, willing to do whatever was necessary to protect her secret. Together, they formed a tight-knit circle of trust within the walls of Fairbourne Manor.

With Henry and her trusted servants by her side, Viktoria embraced her new position as the mistress of Fairbourne Manor, determined to maintain the facade of normalcy while concealing her demon identity from prying eyes.

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3. The Loyal Servants

Iris Oakwood, the head maid, Mihir Woods, the head cook, and Maria Angeles, the seamstress, are the only ones who know Viktoria’s true nature.

Within the walls of Viktoria’s grand estate, there exists a small circle of trusted individuals who hold a unique position of knowledge and influence. Iris Oakwood, the head maid, is the one who oversees the daily operations of the household, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Her keen eye and sharp wit make her an invaluable asset to Viktoria.

Mihir Woods, the head cook, is a master in the kitchen, creating culinary delights that never fail to impress even the most discerning guests. His talents are only surpassed by his unwavering loyalty to Viktoria, knowing all too well the secrets that lie beneath her facade.

Finally, Maria Angeles, the seamstress, uses her skilled hands to create exquisite garments that adorn Viktoria’s statuesque figure. Beyond her talents with a needle and thread, Maria is a confidante to Viktoria, privy to the hidden truths that lurk behind closed doors.

Together, this trio forms the inner circle of loyal servants who hold the key to Viktoria’s true nature. Their unwavering dedication and discretion ensure that Viktoria’s secrets remain safe within the confines of her lavish estate.

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