The Demon Mistress of Fairbourne Manor

1. Introduction

Viktoria Fairbourne, a 15-year-old French/Danish girl with ice blue hair and sinister purple eyes, is the new mistress of Fairbourne Manor.

Upon her arrival at the grand estate, Viktoria’s mysterious and captivating presence sends whispers through the town. Her uncommon appearance, with her icy blue locks and piercing purple gaze, sets her apart from the other residents of the sleepy village.

Despite her young age, Viktoria exudes an air of confidence and intrigue, drawing the attention of both the curious townspeople and the staff of Fairbourne Manor. As the new mistress of the estate, she must navigate the intricate dynamics of running a sprawling manor while also uncovering the secrets that lie within its walls.

With a mix of French and Danish heritage, Viktoria brings a unique blend of culture and sophistication to the quiet countryside. Her presence promises to bring a new energy to Fairbourne Manor, stirring up both excitement and trepidation among those who call the estate home.

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2. The Tragic Past

When Viktoria was 12, her parents, the lord and mistress of the manor, were killed, and she was saved by her loyal demon butler, Henry, who turned her into a demon.

After the tragic event that claimed the lives of her parents, Viktoria’s world was turned upside down. As the only survivor of the brutal attack, she was left orphaned and vulnerable. However, fate had other plans for her in the form of Henry, her loyal demon butler.

Henry, who had served Viktoria’s family for generations, made a choice that would change her life forever. In a desperate attempt to save her from certain death, Henry transformed Viktoria into a demon, granting her immortality and the power to seek vengeance for her family’s untimely demise.

Haunted by the memories of that fateful night, Viktoria struggles to come to terms with her new reality. The weight of her tragic past bears down on her, fueling her determination to uncover the truth behind her parents’ murder and bring their killers to justice.

As Viktoria navigates the dangerous world of demons and dark magic, she must rely on Henry’s guidance and her own inner strength to survive. Together, they form an unlikely but unbreakable bond forged in tragedy and fueled by a shared desire for justice.

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3. The Inner Circle

Viktoria’s three favorite servants, Iris Oakwood, Mihir Woods, and Maria Angeles, are the only ones who know her secret and stand by her side.

The Trusted Trio

Within Viktoria’s inner circle are three individuals who hold a special place in her heart. Iris Oakwood, Mihir Woods, and Maria Angeles are not just servants; they are loyal companions who have proven their unwavering devotion to Viktoria. These three individuals are privy to Viktoria’s deepest secret, a secret that she guards closely from the prying eyes of others.

A Bond of Trust

The bond between Viktoria and her trusted trio is unbreakable. Through thick and thin, these three individuals have stood by Viktoria’s side, offering their unwavering support and loyalty. They are more than just servants; they are confidants who understand Viktoria on a level that others cannot comprehend.

Standing Strong

In a world where betrayal lurks around every corner, Viktoria finds solace in the unwavering loyalty of Iris, Mihir, and Maria. Together, they form a formidable team that cannot be easily dismantled. As Viktoria navigates the challenges that come her way, she can always rely on her inner circle to provide her with the strength and support she needs.

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