The Demon King’s Beloved

1. The Kidnapping

A young boy finds himself in a terrifying situation when he is abruptly taken by a demon king. This powerful being, known for his ruthless demeanor, has inexplicably developed an intense infatuation for the innocent child.

As the boy is snatched away from his home and loved ones, he is thrust into a world unlike anything he has ever experienced before. The demon king, consumed by his obsession, believes that the boy is the key to filling the emptiness in his heart.

Confused and frightened, the boy struggles to make sense of his new reality. Surrounded by darkness and danger, he must find a way to survive in the clutches of his captor. Despite the king’s twisted affections, the boy remains determined to hold onto his own sense of self and fight for his freedom.

Caught between the suffocating grip of the demon king’s love and his own desperate need for escape, the young boy’s harrowing journey is only just beginning.

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2. The Marriage

Despite the circumstances, the boy finds himself developing feelings for the demon king. As they spend more time together, their bond grows stronger and eventually, they decide to get married. The boy’s initial fear and hesitation slowly turn into love and acceptance towards the demon king.

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3. The Tradition

In the demon realm, there is a long-standing tradition that dictates that couples must wait until after marriage to engage in sexual activity. This tradition is deeply ingrained in demon culture and is seen as a way to put their love to the ultimate test.

For demons, the act of waiting until marriage to consummate their relationship is a sacred and important part of their union. It is believed that by waiting, they are able to demonstrate their commitment and dedication to one another, solidifying their bond and ensuring a strong foundation for their marriage.

This tradition is not without its challenges, as demons are known for their passionate and intense nature. The temptation to give in to their desires before marriage is strong, but those who are able to resist are viewed with respect and admiration by their peers.

For many demons, the anticipation and buildup of waiting until after marriage only serves to deepen their love and strengthen their connection. It is a test of their willpower and self-control, but one that ultimately leads to a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

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