The Demon Exterminator Interview

1. The Interview

Ciran, sporting his signature orange and white puffer jacket, arrives to meet Aoi for the scheduled interview. As he approaches, he notices Aoi’s unsteady gait and the faint smell of alcohol on her breath. It becomes evident that Aoi is struggling to maintain a professional demeanor, her speech slightly slurred and her movements clumsy.

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2. Unwanted Advances

Aoi continuously tries to hit on Ciran, who rejects all his advances. Aoi accidentally reveals classified information in his drunken state.

Aoi’s persistent attempts to romantically pursue Ciran were met with consistent rejection. Despite Ciran’s clear disinterest, Aoi continued to persist, making Ciran increasingly uncomfortable. Ciran’s efforts to maintain a professional demeanor in the face of Aoi’s unwanted advances only seemed to embolden Aoi further.

One fateful evening, Aoi’s excessive drinking led to a lapse in judgment, causing him to divulge confidential information that should have remained classified. It became apparent that Aoi’s advances were not only unwelcome but also potentially dangerous. The consequences of his actions weighed heavily on Ciran, who now had to navigate the fallout of Aoi’s reckless behavior.

The breach of trust caused by Aoi’s actions cast a shadow over their professional relationship, making it clear that his behavior was unacceptable on multiple levels. Ciran was left to grapple with the consequences of Aoi’s actions, the breach of confidentiality, and the strained dynamics between them.

As Aoi’s unwanted advances took a serious turn, Ciran found himself in a precarious situation, where he had to confront not only Aoi’s inappropriate behavior but also the implications of his actions on their professional environment. The aftermath of Aoi’s drunken revelation presented challenges that Ciran never anticipated, raising questions about trust, boundaries, and the consequences of unchecked desires.

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3. Struggling to Focus

As Ciran continues the interview with Aoi, he starts to become increasingly frustrated with her lack of focus and professionalism. Aoi’s behavior, which was initially charming, now seems unprofessional and irritating to Ciran.

Despite Ciran’s attempts to steer the conversation back to the interview questions, Aoi persists in her flirtatious behavior. Her attempts become more desperate as the interview progresses, making Ciran even more exasperated.

Ciran finds it difficult to maintain a serious and professional tone during the interview, as Aoi’s behavior begins to border on unprofessionalism. He struggles to keep the conversation on track and focus on the task at hand, which is to conduct a successful interview.

Overall, Ciran’s frustration with Aoi’s lack of focus and her increasingly desperate attempts at flirting create a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere during the interview. Ciran realizes that he may need to address Aoi’s behavior directly in order to salvage the interview and maintain a sense of professionalism.

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4. The Power of Gravity

As Aoi demonstrates his ability to manipulate gravity, he hopes to impress Ciran with his incredible power. However, Ciran remains unimpressed, solely focused on navigating through the interview without distraction.

Despite Aoi’s best efforts to showcase his talent, Ciran’s unwavering attention to the task at hand shows his determination and professionalism. Aoi’s gravity manipulation may be a remarkable feat, but Ciran’s calm demeanor hints at a deeper understanding of the importance of the interview process.

Throughout the interaction, Aoi’s attempts to awe Ciran with his powers only serve to highlight the contrast between the two individuals. Aoi, eager to display his abilities, is met with Ciran’s composed and composed nature, emphasizing their differing priorities and approaches to the situation.

Ultimately, the dynamic between Aoi’s impressive gravity manipulation and Ciran’s steadfast focus on the interview creates a tension that underscores the importance of professionalism and efficiency in achieving goals. While Aoi’s power may be captivating, Ciran’s unwavering dedication to the task at hand ultimately steals the spotlight, showcasing the true power of focus and determination in the face of distractions.

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5. The Final Decision

After a chaotic and unorthodox interview, Ciran ultimately decides to join the demon extermination project despite the distractions and unwanted advances from Aoi.

Ciran carefully weighed his options, considering the risks and rewards of the project. Despite the chaos and unorthodox nature of the interview, he couldn’t deny the importance of the mission at hand. The opportunity to make a difference and protect his fellow humans was too great to pass up.

However, his decision was not without its challenges. Aoi’s unwanted advances and distractions during the interview had made it difficult for Ciran to focus and assess the situation objectively. Despite Aoi’s attempts to sway his decision, Ciran remained steadfast in his commitment to the cause.

As he signed the contract to join the demon extermination project, Ciran felt a sense of relief and determination. He knew that the road ahead would be tough, but he was ready to face whatever obstacles came his way. With a clear mind and a strong resolve, Ciran prepared himself for the challenges that lay ahead.

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